Craigievar Castle

Region : Aberdeenshire
Location : Alford

Details : The castle a seven-storey castle built to the L-shaped tower plan was completed in 1626 by William Forbes, brother of the Bishop of Aberdeen. With much to see inside – the great hall with fireplace with the Stuart Arms, musician’s gallery, secret staircase, drawing room, Queen’s bedroom, painted ceilings, servants’ quarters, etc. today it is in the care of the National Trust for Scotland.

Paranormal Phenomena : The Blue Bedroom is the alleged haunt of one of the Gordon clan members, who either fell from a window or was pushed to his death by “Red” Sir John Forbes. Several witnesses have attested to hearing someone climbing the stairs to the Blue Bedroom,  One of the other ghosts is one of a musician, who is very selective (he shows himself just to people with the name of Forbes). He fell in the moat of the castle and drowned.

The Blue Room is known as ‘the ghost room’ on account of the frequent disturbances. Shadowy figures are alleged to have been seen particularly by the window. Many of the alleged supernatural happenings take place in The Blue Room: Temperature fluctuations, music and PK events especially with the the door, in addition footsteps have been heard climbing the staircase to this room  An unidentified apparition has been seen on the stairs

The apparition of an unidentified man has been witnessed in the Great Hall,
In the School Room there have been reports of the sensation of hands touching guides and Paranormal footsteps are alleged to be heard in the corridors and larger rooms

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