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CONTACT USEveryone has a ghostly story or paranormal experience to share and we want to hear what you have encountered. Whether a member of the general public or paranormal researcher. So we want you to CONTACT US!

Do you have a personal story to share or family occurrence that you feel the public would love to hear?

Do you wish to share in this mysterious topic of life after death and see your stories CONTACT USfeatured on this site?

Do you have strange occurrences of coincidence, synchronicities or Law of attraction to share?

Please use the contact form below and let us know.

You do not need to use your real name or area, feel free to use a pseudonym, initials or actual name. Feel free to change the names of those within the story to protect identities too.


We look forward to featuring you here at Haunted Scotland and/or through the International project IPI. Its time to put your real experiences at the forefront of this research.

Need to make an enquiry about Haunted Scotland’s listed Events?

Please also use this form to contact us

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