Haunted Scottish Places

Haunted Scottish Places – Ghost Stories, Experiences & Investigations

The most haunted county in the world will produce the most haunted Scottish places you can imagine.

With deep history, emotion and actions we find ourselves in a deep energetic soup of mysterious activity and ghostly behaviour.

In this section of the website, we will share freely our locations, visits, thoughts, articles and ideas relating to the very best known and unknown places Scotland has to offer.

The content is a mix of Scottish Paranormal Investigation team data, Haunted Scotland daily visits & even our friend’s events who allow us to share with you all freely.

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Feel free to browse our articles and inclusions below for a more in-depth look at some of the locations displaying on our player above.

The player will be updated with new content on a very regular basis so remember to check back often to keep up to date with the research and information.

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Scotland’s Most Haunted Castle

Scotland’s Most HAUNTED Castle with many reported ghosts & spirits from through the centuries. In this video, you can hear voices, see physical activity at a camcorder, environmental meters set off, noises and REAL Castle Ghosts Of Scotland. Actual activity captured at Scotland’s most haunted lived-in castle in the Kingdom Of Fife. Voices, physical activity, …

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The Last Witch of Montrose

The Last Witch of Montrose story begins in the coastal town of Montrose, which sits largely on a narrow peninsula of land surrounded on three sides by water, with the North Sea to the east, the River South Esk to the south and a large tidal basin to the west. This basin is unusual in …

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The Witch and the Archbishop

The Witch and the Archbishop

Following the North Berwick Witch Trials of 1590, overseen by King James VI, an accusation of being a witch would, for many, lead to a terrifying ordeal and likely death. It was not until towards the end of the 17th century that the belief in witchcraft finally started to subside and in 1735 the earlier …

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Haunted Greyfriars LIVE – Worlds MOST FAMOUS?

The Haunted Greyfriars kirkyard is such a draw to many, even at night with many ghost tours running through the area, tourists taking photographs and videos and even a party of 10 people seem to be having a drinking session at one part. We respectfully wandered the area, telling the REAL history and helping to …

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The Phantom Carriage Of St Andrews

The Phantom Carriage Of St Andrews

The Phantom Carriage Of St Andrews We wander the religious centre of Scotland – named after Saint Andrew the Apostle – a highly historical area. Once known as Scotland’s Rome, could this world-famous Fife town be the centre of Scotland’s most active paranormal activity? Welcome my friends to St Andrew’s, In Fife, Scotland. An affluent …

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Afterlife Documentary | Haunted Winter

Afterlife Documentary In this Afterlife Documentary length video, we follow the team through our Haunted Winter locations in Scotland. We attempt afterlife communication at Boleskine House where the infamous Crowley attempted his Magick, wander Greyfriars Kirkyard with a spirit in tow, descend deep into Underground Edinburgh and Mary Kings Close & visit a local haunted …

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Abbey Haunted House LIVE | This Made Us Jump

Abbey Haunted House Balmerino Abbey is located at Balmerino, in Fife, Scotland. It was a Cistercian founded abbey and dates back to approximately 1227. Founded in 1227 to 1229 by monks from Melrose Abbey with the patronage of Ermengarde de Beaumont and King Alexander II of Scotland, Balmerino Abbey is deeply historic. It remained a …

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Aleister Crowley's House

Aleister Crowley’s House | Boleskine House

Aleister Crowley’s House Boleskine House is a manor on the south-east side of Loch Ness in Scotland. It’s well known due to being the author and occultist Aleister Crowley’s house, and later the home of Led Zeppelin guitarist and producer Jimmy Page.   It suffered significant fire damage in December 2015 and again in July 2019. …

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Paranormal Documentary 2020 | In Search Of Lady Crawford

Her apparition wanders the grounds of this spectacular gothic-style building, hidden deep within the county of Fife; It’s Lady Crawford & Her Priory…..

The Haunted Hellfire Club

The Haunted Hellfire Club | What Did We Encounter

The Haunted Hellfire Club The Haunted Hellfire Club, in Dublin, Is situated on Montpelier Hill. It’s a burnt-out ruined building on the summit with stunning views of the Irish City Of Dublin. The best-known Hellfire club story is that of the Devil himself appearing. A stranger joined the club members for a game of cards. …

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