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Proof Audio Aps Work For Spirit Communication

Proof Audio Aps Work For Spirit CommunicationThis was the session that blew me away and then confirmed that audio communication with the spirit world was a reality worth looking at indepth. From Sceptic To Believer!!

Just because we do not understand how something works, does not invalidate it or make it untrue….

It’s all about research and perceptions in this nature of reality.

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Audio: Spirit Voices at Kirk O’Shotts

Spirit Voices at Kirk O’Shotts

Spirit Voices at Kirk O'ShottsThe main story associated with the Kirk, is that of a female driver who’s said to have hit the Kirk O Shotts Ghost.

She was absolutely stunned with shock when she got out to check, and found absolutely no one there, she of course thought she’d hit a physical person.

It was rather obvious that the said figure had mysteriously vanished into the ether.

Various other people – usually on foot – have also reported a mysterious apparition in the area.

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Audio: Haunted Bangour Village Hospital

Audio Haunted Bangour Village Hospital

Haunted Bangour Village Hospital 1Bangour Village Hospital is an abandoned psychiatric hospital with a reputation of being very active in a paranormal sense.

Regularly, shadowy figures are seen walking the grounds, and in the past when open, the staff complained about a whole host of weird and wonderful activity from within the wards.

Lets take a look at an audio video from Haunted Scotland’s visit to this location in August 2015…..

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Jedburgh Castle Jail EVPs – Sessions 18th April 2015

Jedburgh Castle Jail EVPsRyan O’Neil and team – Tammy O’Neill, Lynne and Gary Knight and Janice Dodds were at Jedburgh Jail leading a public investigation. The team is becoming well known for the quality of their public events and are hoping to expand in the near future to offer more people the chance to come along and see how investigations are conducted.

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Jedburgh Castle Jail: Live Echovox Raw Files

Jedburgh castle jail echovoxHaunted Scotland conducted live audio sessions as part of an overnight Investigation into Jedburgh Castle Jail in the Borders. The Echovox application system was used for these sessions, in accordance to the structured working hypothesis as constructed by Ryan O’Neill, through 22 months of intense research using the aforementioned set-up.

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Steve Huff: Messages from the Dead – The Andy’s Box Files.

The following is from Steve Huff’s Youtube Channel, as I continue to follow his work and leading edge research into Ghost Voices.

Steve Says: AMAZING messages come from the Andy’s Spirit Box and I use it in almost every session I do. It is my favorite box, hands down (The Echo Version) and never ever fails me. I have bonded with this box and anytime I turn it on it greets me and responds.

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Ghost Voices: Ghost Dog Capture

Chris had sensed a dog in the area while attempting the P-SB7 session, so he decided to ask for the dog to bark in communication. VIA THE DEVICE

The dog was happy to oblige…..Can you hear it?

Discuss with us via free registration on The Boards

Do we get many dog presenters on radio stations, I must ask the cynics!

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Ghost Voices: Echovox Application Settings

Echovox is a phone application that works in a similar way to the Spirit-box, possibly allowing non-physical energies to manipulate the sounds and words loaded on the application.

In this video, I have answered the questions, I am asked by other testers and people with an interest.


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Ghost Voices at Balvaird Castle

Are these the voices of spirits at Balvaird Castle? The Echovox session brings in more voices which display some relevance.

Can these really be intelligent answers from the other side?

Feel free to leave your thoughts, subscribe and rate too.

Just to reiterate, nothing is faked in the recordings but that is not to say they are paranormal. These are actual captures via the Echovox app. Read more about it at: http://haunted-scotland.co.uk/echovox-spirit-box-application/

Spirit-Box Series: Chris Huff & Mark Newman

The part that most people miss out on, while conducting paranormal observations, is the post-research and the start of the real work, in tying up the loose ends of what has been experienced on location.

This is particularly important when you have names, places and other choice phrases via EVP or one of the modified audio devices, such as the spirit-box or Echovox.

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