Hailes Castle

Haining Castle

Region :Stirlingshire
Location : Between Linlithgow and Falkirk
Details : Haining Castle is a fifteenth century manor consisting originally of an L-shaped building of ground floor and three upper floor, The lands were granted to Reginald de Craufurd in the reign of James 1. The castle contained a chapel on the second floor.

In 1600 the building was enlarged by the addition of an eastern wing; this no longer survives.
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Hallgreen Castle

Region :Aberdeenshire
Location : Inverbervie

Details : Built inn the 1370’s

Paranormal Phenomena : Hallgreen is supposedly haunted by two teenage girls and a strange man in a long cloak.

Hermitage Castle

Region :Roxburghshire
Location : Newcastleton
Details : Although a castle is known to have been on this site since at least the 13th century, the central part of the current structure, probably built under the master mason John Lewin of Durham, dates from the end of the 1300’s. Throughout the 1400’s possession of the castle was much fought over by the English and the Scots and additional fortifications were continuously built around the core until the final form of 1540. In the care of Historic Scotland.
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Huntingtower Castle

Region :Perthshire
Location : Perth
Details : Huntingtower castle has been the focus of a history of royal intrigue, which led to the original name of the castle – Ruthven, being changed form its earlier association with the Ruthven family

The Ruthven family – who were to become the earls of Gowrie – originally built the castle as an imposing square keep in the 1400’s. Later, in the 16th century, a tower house was built and the two structures joined by a central building.

Mary Queen of Scots stayed here with her husband Darnley. The castle was also involved in later royal intrigue, when The Earl of Gowrie kidnapped James the VI in 1582 and held him in the tower. He later managed to escape, and this led to the Ruthven family’s fall from grace, culminating in the castles confiscation, and changing of the castle’s name from Ruthven Castle to Huntingtower Castle around 1600
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Huntly Castle

Region :Aberdeenshire
Location :
Details : a magnificent ruin of a castle dating from the 12th century motte to the palace block erected in the 16th and 17th centuries by the Gordon family. The architectural details and heraldic enrichments are particularly impressive. This property is managed by Historic Scotland. A full history is given on the undiscovered scotland page.
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Jedburgh Castle

Region :Roxburghshire
Location : Jedburgh

Details :
Jedburgh Castle was a 12th century motte and bailey earthwork castle founded by King David I. Nothing now remains of the royal stone castle, which was occupied by both the Scottish and the English until 1409. The castle was then destroyed, to deny its use to the English.
In the 19th century a Victorian prison was built and continues to stand on the site. Jedburgh Castle Jail was finally closed in 1886 after larger prisons were built in Edinburgh and Glasgow and all prisoners transferred. Today it is a museum.
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