Real Ghost Voices

Haunted Scotland & Scottish Paranormal look at the increasingly interesting area of on-site live audio interaction, allegedly communicating with spirits or non-physical energies and gaining what some term, Real Ghost Voices. This is achieved using either modified fast scanning radio devices or the Random Sound Generation Software applications, prompting manipulation be energetic means.

In this section, you will find a whole host of such ‘Real Ghost Voices’ captured, to explore at your leisure. We will look to start sharing full articles to help you also gain experience in this area of paranormal research & discovery.

In addition, feel free to use our Scottish Paranormal TV screen above to watch some very old and up to date videos on this topic. So grab a hot drink, sit back and watch the very latest in ITC Research & Investigation.

The Scottish Paranormal Team will be giving away free devices for the public to test and expereince at future public sessions at haunted Scottish locations.Stay tuned for updates!!

Paranormal Activity | Mary Kings Close

Paranormal Activity Mary Kings Close Real Paranormal Activity Mary Kings Close style. Deep within Mary Kings Close nearly 10 years ago, we experienced Paranormal Activity first hand in the form of spirit voices heard aloud, and recorded on Camcorder & Dictaphone. This is real phenomena which is rare to capture on device. The following clip …

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Paranormal Activity | Top 6 Echovox Sessions 2015

Paranormal Activity 6 Echovox Sessions Top 6 Echovox Sessions in 2015 from Scotland, is this real paranormal activity? We take a look back at 6 locations that are famous for paranormal activity, as we undertake audio sessions to induce spirit communication. We visit the borders twice, Stirling, Shotts, West Lothian and Angus…..

Echovox | Q&A with Haunted Scotland

Echovox Q&A with Haunted Scotland The Echovox system seems to tap into those areas that spiritual mediums can, albeit, without the visual aspect or symbolic jigsaw building that many of these gifted people experience. Audio phoneme sound banks playing at high randomness – allowing the non-physical to use these non-physical fields – to communicate via …

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Audio: Spirit Voices at Kirk O’Shotts

Spirit Voices at Kirk O’Shotts The main story associated with the Kirk, is that of a female driver who’s said to have hit the Kirk O Shotts Ghost. She was absolutely stunned with shock when she got out to check, and found absolutely no one there, she of course thought she’d hit a physical person. …

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Audio: Haunted Bangour Village Hospital

Audio Haunted Bangour Village Hospital Bangour Village Hospital is an abandoned psychiatric hospital with a reputation of being very active in a paranormal sense. Regularly, shadowy figures are seen walking the grounds, and in the past when open, the staff complained about a whole host of weird and wonderful activity from within the wards. Lets …

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Echovox is fake – The latest Ramblings

Echovox Is Fake? Emm No It’s Not! I’ve written extensively about the audio application software Echovox, providing information on how to get the most out of it, and even constructing a working hypothesis on the what, where, and when, on operation and probabilities. Yet, still we have a few who are going to grab the …

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Jedburgh Castle Jail EVPs – Sessions 18th April 2015

Ryan O’Neil and team – Tammy O’Neill, Lynne and Gary Knight and Janice Dodds were at Jedburgh Jail leading a public investigation. The team is becoming well known for the quality of their public events and are hoping to expand in the near future to offer more people the chance to come along and see …

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Jedburgh Castle Jail: Live Echovox Raw Files

Haunted Scotland conducted live audio sessions as part of an overnight Investigation into Jedburgh Castle Jail in the Borders. The Echovox application system was used for these sessions, in accordance to the structured working hypothesis as constructed by Ryan O’Neill, through 22 months of intense research using the aforementioned set-up.

[Tutorial] Echovox 3.0 Settings & Information

Ryan O’Neill of Haunted Scotland does a brief overview of the new updated Echovox 3.0, and shows how simple it is, still, to use and gain good captures from. Do you want to see more videos on how to gain material while looking into the paranormal? Would you prefer more discussion videos to go along …

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Ghost Voices 2015: The Pearce Institute 10/01/15

The Pearce Institute at Govan Cross was designed by Sir Robert Rowand Anderson in the style of a very large 17th century Scottish townhouse. It was commissioned to be built by Lady Dinah Pearce in memory of her husband Sir William Pearce, MP of the Fairfield Shipyard, who died in 1888. Work took place from …

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