Balnagown Castle

Region : Highland
Location : 5 miles S of Tain

Details : The core of the castle is a tower house built for the Rosses in the 14th century and greatly altered and extended in subsequent centuries. The original Ross line died out in 1711 and the castle and estate passed to an unrelated Ross family. The immaculately restored Balnagown Castle is now the Scottish home of Mr. Al Fayed who bought it in the 1970’s
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Barnbougle Castle

Region :West Lothian
Location :South shore of the Firth of Forth, between Cramond and South Queensferry. It lies within the Dalmeny Estate, and is the property of the Earl of Rosebery.

Details : Barnbougle a thirteenth century tower house, was possibly constructed for the Norman, Philip Mowbray. By 1615 it was in Hamilton of Haddington hands, and in 1662 it was bought by the the Primroses of Rosebery.Most of the the current structure dates mainly from the seventeenth century. During the nineteenth century, it was in a state of ruin, the Roseberys had abandoned it in 1817 in favour of the newly built Dalmeny House. During this period, Barnbougle was used to store explosives, and following its near-demolition by an explosion, was rebuilt in 1880.
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Bedlay Castle

Region : Strathclyde
Location : 7 miles NE of Glasgow

Details : A twelfth-century castle near the northern end of the M73 , Once the palace of the bishops of Glasgow.
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Blackness Castle

Region : Lothian
Location : Banks Of The Forth

Details : Situated on the Firth of Forth, it was built in the 15th century by the Crichtons but annexed by James II and became a royal residence. It played its part as a prison housing some high ranking individuals. The castle became a formidable stronghold with thickened walls and defensive guns, the garrison held it in support of Mary Queen of Scots for six years and It was besieged by Cromwell in 1650 who left the castle in ruins. It was restored during the Napoleonic wars when it again served as a prison.
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Borthwick Castle

Region : Lothian
Location : 12 miles SE of Edinburgh

Details : Built in 1430, it is a massive U-plan keep standing inside a walled courtyard with round corner towers – only one of which remains. it was once the refuge of Mary Queen of Scots and the Earl of Bothwell and later in 1650, was besieged by Cromwell. On the east wall, the damage done by Cromwell’s canons is still easy to see.
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