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Head Editor & Writer Greg Stewart:

Greg first became interested in the paranormal when his parents took out a subscription for him in 1980 for a magazine entitled ‘The Unexplained’.

Since then he has read numerous books on the subject, visited many reported haunted sites and taken part in a plethora of paranormal investigations.

Senior Member of Scottish Paranormal, Documentary Maker and Author of a multitude of books on the topic of hauntings and witches, with many more in the works.

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You will find articles by Ryan O’Neill, Christopher Huff, Ally Reid & The Scottish Paranormal Team. Other teams, enthusiasts & hobbyists may send us articles too and we will host them for you with full credits.


The ghosts of Mary King’s Close

 Published on Thursday 5 May 2005 13:06 THE DARK, claustrophobic streets running off the Royal Mile lead away from the light and downhill into the shadows. These half-forgotten reminders of Edinburgh’s insanitary past provide a perfect setting for a suitably spooky atmosphere. Largely built upon the ruins of centuries gone by, it is not just …

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Old school spirit refuses to die away

Published on Thursday 3 May 2007 12:09 – NO-ONE could remember the last time a living human soul had ventured there. Certainly, it’s been closed off to the public for more than 100 years – though few of the tourists and residents trundling past on their way to the Castle would even be aware of …

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So Am I Researching?

The question on everyone’s lips just now and something actually flooding in my direction daily,  do I still research the paranormal and where have I been in the last few years. I was astonished to hear some thought I was still heavily involved, working under the radar in the past 3 years. I am not …

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Your Experiences Crush Theory!

Everyone has their own story or tale to tell and many have had direct experience of situations that can not be easily explained by those who proclaim to be in the know. We live in a world where hypocrisy is rife and unfortunate, within the field of paranormal research, the overly cynical bunch have it …

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Follow Your Purpose

The title today is rather a weird one for a website with regards to the paranormal don’t you think and I see a few looking on thinking, where is he going with this today. In all honestly at this exact point I have no outline, I’m going with the flow here but do not stress, …

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TV Investigations & Research

It looks so much fun doesn’t it? The TV aspect of paranormal investigations and the amount of activity reported throughout the usual hour session. Non-stop historical information, theories and action as we sit on the edge of our seat in awe of what is transpiring in front of us. It truly is fantastic entertainment and …

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Researching Locations

It’s certainly a blessing to live in a country so steeped in history when you involved in research such as I now am. I mean, it’s not difficult to actually find locations with an associated story in terms of ghostly going-on, phantom play backs or the well-travelled Mary Queen of Scots who seems to haunt …

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Spiritual Voices Caught On Audio Device

Have you personally discovered the phenomena of spiritual voices caught on audio device? actually, I may get my knuckles wrapped for my assumption just now as some have already come up with other thoughts but hey, its my article so I may as well indulge my ideas and thinking along with you the reader! So …

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So Are They Real

Its obvious that if you are already on the site here that you will have some type of interest in spirit/ghost hauntings which is a small part of the umbrella that is the paranormal. You will have gathered that Haunted Scotland is more biased toward research, observation and investigation of hauntings and does not cover …

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Residual Activity Spark!

Personally, I have a lot of thoughts and hypothesises with regards to the paranormal, with most being formed through many a discussion with other great minds from within the paranormal community. I am open enough to admit that on entering the field I had zero knowledge of what I was getting myself into, the basic …

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