Castle Menzies

Once known as Weem Castle, this stunning location – which is nestled within the beautiful Scottish countryside of Highland Perthshire – is an ancestral seat of the Clan Menzies and thus, is now affectionately known as Castle Menzies.

Castle Menzies is located a little to the west of the small village of Weem, near Aberfeldy in Scotland.

The sixteenth-century castle, restored by the Menzies Clan Society, has been the seat of the Chiefs of Clan Menzies for over 400 years. It was strategically situated, and it was involved in the turbulent history of the Highlands. Bonnie Prince Charlie, the Stuart Pretender to the throne, rested for two nights in the castle on his way to the Battle of Culloden in 1746, where the Jacobite clans were essentially broken by a British army equipped with cannons. The restored castle is architecturally fascinating, a splendid example of the transition between earlier rugged fortress and later mansion house. It served as a hospital for the Polish army in exile during World War II.

Paranormal Activity

Such history – along with the vast amount of people who have lived and been guest to this castle – would always suggest the possibility of strange activity, with spirits attached to or yet again visiting the location.

We have various reports ranging from a peculiar man both seen and heard near the Chief’s Bedroom, through to children being heard laughing and playing around in the form of a plethora of noises.

How about the three grumpy women who allegedly haunt the Meat Cellar, not particularly nice and some say they may even been witches. Falsely accused or truth distorted? Maybe the reason for their alleged behaviour!

The present manager has heard the sound of a lady singing in the higher levels, with his adorable cat even showing signs of distress at times. Lights will turn back on after being extinguished and the smell of phantom dogs will even waft through certain areas.

This hardly touches on the magnitude of all sightings, paranormal researcher reports or psychic impressions from this stunning location.

But the question is, how would I fare as I joined the Paranormal Discovery team for an overnight observational session…..

Ryan’s Impressions

I have a certain way of operation, techniques and personal hypothesises when it comes to searching out paranormal activity on location. I’m an observer, I like to watch the environment for subtle changes, feel the changes in temperature and listen for any movements, before beginning the process of understanding what is normal and what is beyond the classified normal.

In addition, I will use tools such as the Echovox, Electro-Magnetic Meters and a few choice recording devices from sound through to images both still and moving.

I heavily rely on my own senses though, using other tools only to back up this favoured stance, to document activity – for personal reasons – and to share pieces of evidence with people through this website.

Castle Menzies was a mix of intrigue and anticipation! You are on edge in some areas as you clearly can feel those subtle environmental changes, then in the next breath, the whole ambience changes and can become quiet and more relaxed.

The lower levels, which put you in mind of Blair Street Vaults [with the added smell of beer] are very interesting indeed! In the room with the hook, most likely to hang meat in times gone by, there was an enormous change in atmosphere during my session.

After conducting an Echovox session, the temperature dropped significantly while becoming increasingly dark. I mean dark, a moving dark – of mass – surrounding the five of us and playing havoc with the peripheral vision. The feel of the area changed, the anticipation built and independently, everyone in the area felt this.

The KII meter – for the first time on an observational exercise such as this – began to blink in reply to some type of fluctuation in the area. Lets be straight here, this meter sat on the floor during the calm period without so much as a significant jump, it was not till I was fully explaining my thoughts on how it works that we had a merry dance of lights.

The caveat being, I hear interference on the video that is akin to a mobile phone reception. The lights do not blink at all times of this however, and I can not be sure that this is the sole cause.

This lasted a few minutes then returned to normal.

The notable events of the night; were various small movements, in the form of shuffling, and little knocks and creaks. I would find I was forever trying to follow sounds, as myself, Nat or even Tori would try to pin-point what was going on!

Of-course, this is paranormal research and observations, you never truly get the source, just closer to the action. More questions than answers in the end.

All in all, I like this location very much, and Treen and the team are a joy to work beside. I love their attitude, the open-minded approach adopted and very sensible questioning of events throughout! They are open-minded and flexible and ready to move with the action.

I would like to thank Paranormal Discovery, for allowing me to join up with them, and also thanks to James & Ian of ESP Paranormal Investigation Team for a lively night!

Analysis is under-way, the initial results so far suggest captures are very much evident! These will be included, and linked to, over the course of the post Investigation work sessions. So please do continue to check back!

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration
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“Once known as Ween Castle, this stunning location – which is nestled within the beautiful Scottish countryside of Highland Perthshire – is an ancestral seat of the Clan Menzies and thus, is now affectionately known as Castle Menzies.”

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