Castle Menzies: Ghost Events Scotland

The Castle MenziesCastle Menzies is a spectacular sixteenth century castle which was restored by the Menzies Clan Society. This has been the Seat of the Chiefs of Clan Menzies for over 400 years and importantly situated, it was involved in the turbulent history of the Highlands. Bonnie Prince Charlie, the Stuart Pretender to the throne, rested for two nights in the Castle on his way to the Battle of Culloden in 1746. It is located a little to the west of the small village of Weem, near Aberfeldy in the Perthshire highlands, close to the former site of Weem Castle, destroyed c. 1502.

The castle, like many other historical Scottish buildings in the country, has been the subject to a plethora of past reported paranormal activity. These reports include activity in the form of a man shouting near the chief’s bedroom, children heard laughing, whistling, footsteps, the wail of a cat, a boy seen running up and down the main stairs, a man spotted in the chiefs bedroom and three women in the meat cellar who do no seem particularly nice….. This is just a snippet of the reported paranormal activity that has occurred in Castle Menzies.

Location video with added information from Trance Medium Janice Dodds & Echovox sessions form both teams [1&2] in the Chiefs Bedroom…..

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