Castle Fraser

Region : Aberdeenshire
Location :
3 miles S of Kenmay. 16 miles W of Aberdeen on the A944-B977

Details : Crow-stepped gables and turrets adorn grand Baronial tower house, built 1575. Originally a rectangular tower castle in the 15th century it was converted to a z-plan tower (by adding round 4-storied towers on opposite corners) in the 16th century. The central tower was enlarged in the early 17th century.
The castle also has a luggie or “Laird’s Lug” a chamber in the vaulting of the hall that allowed an eavesdropper to go behind a window shutter on the parapet, slip inside, and listen to conversations in the hall, very practical.

The site is owned by The National Trust for Scotland and is open daily, Easter to September and weekends in October, 1:30-5:30pm. There is a car park.

Paranormal Phenomena : Stairway from smoking room leads to Green Room, said to be haunted by ghost of a murdered princess. It was during the tenure of Frederick MacKenzie Fraser that a princess was killed in the castle’s Green Room and dragged down the stairs, which thereafter could never be cleansed of the bloodstains. According to the paranormal database the stairs were covered in wood to hide the stain. The ghost of the princess reportedly haunts the castle and is blamed for rearranging the furniture.
There has also been ghostly piano music and voices heard in the empty great hall and witnesses have alleged to have seen the ghost of Lady Blanche Drummond (D.1874) in a long black gown.

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