Buckholm Tower

Region : Borders
Location : 1 mile NW of Galashiels


Details : A twelfth-century castle near the northern end of the M73 , Once the palace of the bishops of Glasgow.

Paranormal Phenomena : It is alleged that in June spectral hounds visit the house in eternal pursuit of an evil man named Pringle , who so ill-treated his wife and young son that they eventually left him. It is said that no woman was safe in the Tower and his cruelty was common knowledge for miles around. His favourite past-time was tracking down covenanters with is two ferocious hounds.

The sounds of baying and a voice calling for help, followed by a loud banging on the front door of the Tower have been heard, but when the door was opened the sounds ceased completely and the courtyard was found to be totally deserted. There is also the sound of heavy banging on the dungeon door have been heard coming in varying intensity and an everlasting bloodstain to be found on an old beam.

Sources :

buckholm tower
Brooks J. 1994

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