Buchanan Castle

Region :Stirlingshire
Location : west of the village of Drymen

Details : Buchanan castle was built by the architect William Burn in 1852 after the Buchanan House was destroyed by fire The castle was completed in 1855. It was used as a hotel for a short time in the 1930s and used as a military hospital during the second world war. The roof was removed in 1955 to avoid paying tax on the property and the castle quickly deteriorated into the ruinous state shown in these Images . Today it is a condemmed building with trees growing out of it and posted warnings to keep well back from the walls. In 2003, a planning application was turned down to demolish the internal walls of Buchanan Castle and retain only the south and east walls and create 39 flats there.

Paranormal Phenomena : Strange whisperings and sounds have been reported coming from the area of land where this castle stands

Sources : Buchanon / rampant scotlandm

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