Blackness Castle: Is Blackness Castle Haunted

Is Blackness Castle Haunted

 Is Blackness Castle HauntedOnce described by historian – and earlier Most Haunted regular – Richard Jones, as the worst paranormal site he had visited, stating “It terrified me!”

This was a must visit for the readers and researchers who follow the work of Haunted Scotland.

Situated on the Firth of Forth, it was built in the 15th century by the Crichtons, but annexed by James II becoming a royal residence. It played its part in history as a prison, housing some high-ranking individuals.

The castle became a formidable stronghold with thickened walls and defensive guns, the garrison held it in support of Mary Queen of Scots for six years and It was besieged by Cromwell in 1650 who left the castle in ruins. It was restored during the Napoleonic wars when it again served as a prison.

It’s a surprisingly warm but blustery day here in Scotland, as we make the journey South-West to the strategically positioned Blackness Castle.

Paranormal Activity – Is Blackness Castle Haunted

The stories go like this……

Whilst not overly publicised there has been reports of unexplained noises and the alleged apparition of an angry knight at this Castle. In the late 1990’s, a lady and her two young sons were visiting, when she was startled by the sudden appearance of a knight in armour whom, she claimed, chased her angrily from the tower.

A group of ghost enthusiasts, who persuaded the custodian to allow them to stay over night one Halloween, were disturbed by the constant noise of furniture being scraped and banged across the stone floor of the room beneath them. On investigating nothing was discovered out of place. However the noises recommenced the moment he returned to his companions.

I have to say I’m not surprised in the slightest at the reports from the castle, as it’s certainly a very atmospheric location.

There are so many areas to explore and investigate at Blackness, there were points where I found myself in dark areas with that all too familiar shiver down the spine.

Nevertheless, a job was to be done – and material to be gathered – so onwards I travelled within the warren of rooms with off-shoot nooks and crannies.

 Is Blackness Castle HauntedDid I witness anything is the question, well in all honesty, nothing that I could not attribute to the blustery winds that blew along the estuary, and bombarded the tower and walls.

I spent some time in the stairwell of the mast tower prison, in this area it was evident that strange banging, creaking and groaning could be heard.

This was further Investigated in January 2014’s visit, with the windows being the prime suspect, and not paranormal in nature.

Audio recordings are also under analysis – from this area – with a few interesting points heard and noted. More to come on this part soon!

All in all, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed both visits to Blackness Castle. I found the curator to be an excellent help, taking his time to fully brief us on the history of this magnificent stronghold.

Wonderful scenery, warren of areas to explore, and a sense of standing within historic walls, I would urge anyone in the area to visit the marvellous Historic Scotland property.

Its paranormal secrets will need to stay as such, at least until my next visit, where I may just probe that little bit further. Time will tell.

Please enjoy the gathered material form both 2013 & 2014 Blackness Castle visits.

“Once described by historian – and earlier Most Haunted regular – Richard Jones, as the worst paranormal site he had visited, stating “It terrified me!” this was a must visit for myself along with the readers, and researchers who follow the work of Haunted Scotland.”

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6 thoughts on “Blackness Castle: Is Blackness Castle Haunted”

  1. Really magical place! Time stopped at the spot! Quiet and beautiful! I would recommend this place!
    (In one photograph appeared in the spirit of a woman in the window staring into the abyss!
    (I send photo for interested)

  2. Yes Lukasz, please do share your photograph with us all!

    Thank you for posting too! 🙂

  3. recordings of last month when i was in the castle alone, noises on the floor above, noone else there camera died and would not come back on till i left the building, i will be back,

  4. Hi Janette, very common occurrence with the cameras in areas said to be haunted. Not sure exactly why, but one hypotheses is that they use the energy from the surrounding area to aid manifestation in this atmosphere. It may even be a case of such energies having an adverse effect on the power sources!

    Sounds like you are onto something here, keep me posted please?

    Ryan 🙂

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