Blackford Old Parish Church – Ghost Children (Fire)

Blackford Old Parish Church – Blackford, Auchterarder PH4 1PZ

Blackford Old Parish ChurchBlackford Old Parish Church was constructed in 1574, putting that into perspective, this would have been 7 years after the reign of Mary Queen Of Scots, but while she was still imprisoned

The new church at that time provided convenience for the majority of parishioners, and in 1617 an Act of Parliament officially declared the Parish of Strageath as the Parish of Blackford, and the parish church formally moved six miles to the south. The old kirk of Strageath was abandoned.

Moving forward to 1738, the church was being used as the parish school. Heating back Blackford Old Parish Churchthen would be provided by peat fires, and it seems that pupils decided to amuse themselves by throwing pieces of peat at one another.

This resulted in a great fire which burned the Church down and forced the reconstruction of another. It also resulted in the deaths of some children.

The location is said to still be active with the spirits of Young Children. Their cries heard, their apparitions seen and the sense of being followed around this small area, on this hill, overlooking Blackford are still reported. Some locals and visitors can sense this, some have sensed nothing at all and many have added stories such as the spooky woods and off feeling in the area at set times. Regardless of its beauty, this truly is a fascinating area of mysterious intrigue.

Haunted Scotland: Short Tour Around Old Blackford Parish Church.
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