Black Shadow Form Experience

The experience occurred in my old apartment building. It was once a old hotel that was converted into an apartment building. I lived in a one bedroom/corner apartment on the 2nd floor. I went to bed and had a dream that I woke up at night and a dark shadow figure was in my bedroom pacing between the living room through my bedroom towards the bathroom.

(OK here’s a wired twist) About the 3rd time the shadow went into the bathroom I heard a knock on my door. I lifted up my bed-covers and everything was daylight (and I was not bothered by that fact). When I answered the door there stood an older man with one arm draped over this older woman and the other arm draped over younger girl. I then ushered them in.

As I tuned around my apartment had changed. My walls were white again with older furniture. I walked to my bedroom and instead of the twin beds placed as an “L” in the corner there was a queen bed with a green bed spread and a military duffel bag on it. I turned back into my living room and the older woman started messing with my collar and brushing my shirt sleeves with her hands. Then I woke up, in my own bed.

My impression was I relived some memory or occurrence of the black shadow form.

(Here’s the 2nd twist) Three years later I went home to celebrate my birthday. For some reason I got to telling my mother about this dream and how strange it was. In response to my dream , she said she had something to show me. (background info: Dad was raised in California, Mom raised in Georgia, they met in Germany, and no family ever lived in Louisiana before my family moved here. Also my mom had slowly been going through my grandmother’s papers for YEARS).

She goes into her office and pulls out this plastic sheath with this envelope in it. She said she had recently found this letter to my grandmother from her sister. After reading the letter and asking my mother what it had to do with my dream, she told me to look at the postmark. It was mailed from Thibodeaux, La. in the early 1940’s; the town I lived in. Apparently my aunt went to Thibodeaux to visit her grown son who had been training there before going off to WWII. My great-aunt had remarried and her second husband had a younger daughter. So the figure I saw could have been my cousin staying at the hotel & his mother with her new family went to visit him.

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