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It’s been a long weekend here in the office, with lots of content either produced or on the drawing board. It has ranged widely too I must say, with explorations into a plethora of topics from consciousness study right through to yesterdays hot topic of Pseudo-Sceptics. What I do not wish to happen I must add, is the conversation to dip low into negative topics when there are a plethora of positive upbeat research and stories to be told.

This was something that was emphasised greatly by Cormac Strain (Leinster Paranormal) on the Haunted Scotland Facebook page late last night, when he rightly said to leave the Pseudo-Sceptics to get on with it while we all push forward with our work. I am 110% behind Cormac on this one like many topics, he is someone I respect greatly and have a privilege to call a good friend, his open thoughtful yet flexible mindset is second to none too, something I deeply respect in people.

In my eyes, we are at an exiting cross roads in paranormal Investigation, bigger picture research and exploration of the mysteries. So much data is coming out from different quarters in relation to the nature of reality and how the big questions MAY fit into it all. In the past 6 months alone I have watched in excess of 100 hours of video and listened to countless audio from great minds such as Tom Campbell and his MBT structures along with leading edge thinkers like Bruce Lipton, Rupert Sheldrake, Gregg Braden, Graham Hancock and a whole host of similar people.

Then we have the guys who are pushing new afterlife radio shows online where a whole new raft of people with experiences have been interviewed. They are relaying Information about the bigger picture that is very hard to dismiss when it’s easily coinciding with what Quantum Physicists, Astrophysicists and even well established Spiritual communicators are saying. The information is pulling together and people are respectfully debating and moving it all forward. It’s a blessing to witness.

My own emphasis in going it alone here at Haunted Scotland was so that I can be open with my thinking and feelings and really push into these new areas. This is something I stifled at the end of my ownership of Scottish Paranormal due to my respect for the team members who did not necessary share my thinking. I had to be mindful that the team and its way of operation was more in line with scientific concepts of repeatable phenomenon before it was entertained as possible paranormal activity. My own problem was I had advanced in thinking and began to see that physical experimentation in alignment to scientific needs in relation to non-physical phenomena may become flawed at set points. I could not run two concepts internally, I had to move on and study more before resurfacing with my new philosophy and way of operation.

What teams like Scottish Paranormal are doing is perfectly acceptable though and very helpful to the people of the country who are having problems. They do a magnificent job but my direction just did not align any more, as I wanted to approach a new thought with a new level of consciousness, so I can experiment with the concepts that I am building here in the office.

As you can see from the website now, I have expanded the areas of interest to align with that which I have studied for the best part of 4 years. This could slightly increase further as new ideas and discoveries become evident. Heavy emphasis has now been placed on not only short blogs from myself, but a whole host of material available from the Internet so as to expand the conversation and discovery further. There is so much available but if not actively searching out the topics, you can easily miss it. Lets be straight here, you will never hear this information broadcast on main-stream media or from authoritative establishments, you have to search and find for yourself….nothing worth while is spoon-fed to anyone. It’s a self-discovery and research.

Stick around here for the latest most uplifting information in terms of the great mysteries and our true power in this nature of reality. The hauntings will continue as a topic and visit material, but a greater coverage of the big questions will surface too….stuff to empower and get your interests peaked to levels not known before.

The world truly is much more wonderful that you have been led to believe.

Okay, I return back to my study and bid you an excellent weekend and cheerful farewell for now!

Till next time, take care!

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