The Balgonie Castle Spirits Communicate With Us

The Balgonie Castle Spirits Communicate With Us

 Balgonie CastleIt was a cold crisp night in the Fife countryside, and a full moon was rising above the ruinous buildings on the east facing side of Balgonie Castle. No clouds were visible, a frosty wind was blowing the Scottish Saltire Flag, and people were arriving with anticipation and excitement.

How thin would the veil be at this time of year, only a handful of days before Halloween, going from Saturday into the Sunday while observing an ancient chapel for its non-physical visitors?

We were informed that activity levels in the castle – specifically the stairs and Great Hall Balgonie Castle – had risen in magnitude since the TV crew from ‘Help! My House Is Haunted’ had visited the area. We would also access a new area of the castle, directly on the pathway used by the famous “Green Jeannie” (Who we caught on audio “Sleep” “Jeannie”)


 Balgonie CastleI am big on audio and even more so on using random sound generation in the attempts of spirit communication.

While doing so feeling the environment, listening carefully and also attempting to pick out coherence, relevance and association with the guests who join us.

I KNOW this castle’s haunted, the reason is straightforward, I have felt and heard at least two spirits – as I think they were different energies – in two areas that we always concentrate on.

The Great Hall

Two hours of audio & vigil sessions  Balgonie Castlewere conducted in the Great Hall, and the results so far are above and beyond the usual for this area. I say so far, as analysis is so in-depth and time-consuming that we are still heavily involved in the process.

This is an area of the castle where I have directly heard physical activity on numerous occasions.

We have the chair that clearly moved between Greg Stewart and I during a previous private team investigation. The audio was caught for our files and is not explainable by what we are told is this norm.

This would be relevant to this visit!

Next, we have the discussions between Chris Fleming and I, after the airing of the TV show. Chris informed me that he was picking up a 14th Century Laird and that his energy was active in the castle. This information did not make the show due to time constraints and other substantial evidence.

During our audio sessions, we continued to get the name, Tom. Due to this being a reduced form of Thomas, Initially, I never made the connection of who this was. It was Sir Thomas Sibbald of Balgonie, the 14th Century Laird. Direct Hit!

Naturally, where we bring a group of people, it’s inevitable that we will get information from spirit connected to them and not the location. This would be the case with “Emma” and “Sam” the latter would get her name and a town connected to her. (BUCKHAVEN – Lapping Audio)

We are still to get to the “Emma” part of communication as we slowly and carefully work through the data.

 Balgonie CastleLots Of Data Analysis & Actvity

I kid you not when I say that the strength of communication and catches is so vast that we will struggle to get everything out initially.

This will take time and many weeks of releases. However, we always aim to get initial results out to verify what people directly experienced.

We had strong magnetic field fluctuations and disturbances, and these coincided with cold spot movements, people feeling subtle effects and our more sensitive visitors explaining that someone was with us, and standing behind people.

At the end of the night, five of our excellent guests decided to go back into the Great  Balgonie CastleHall; it would be during this final visit of the night – around about 1:30 am – that they would get the ultimate activity, a moving chair.

Not only did it move, but it also moved with great noise and in a way that was undeniable.

As I spoke to Emma and her Mum I could see clearly that they had a direct experience. This was backed up by independent guests and experienced location visitor Samantha Middleton. Without any doubts!

This was of no surprise though, as I’ve personally observed the same.

I also heard Emma’s name come through the audio several times, and I noticed activity was close to their area. Afterwards, I was informed by the other group that “Emma” was called out in another session independantly and using different devices.

 Balgonie CastleWere the spirits of Balgonie attracted to them for some reason? Will more analysis shed light on this. We can only hope.

This inclusion is a brief outline of the evening, in no way have I covered everything and to do so would produce a rather lengthy read.

So please do watch out for supporting videos, pictures and audio.

Just when we thought we knew everything about this fantastic location, how wrong we were. The research continues!

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