Balgonie Castle Outlander Location In Fife Has Ghosts

Balgonie Castle Outlander Location | Mary Sibbald & Ancestors

Balgonie Castle OutlanderJust when we felt we got to the bottom of the whole Mary Sibbald “The Grey Lady Of Wemyss” story with months of research, investigation and observational work, we have had additional information from the US.

Recently, Balgonie Castle which many will know from our “In Search Of Mary Sibbald” online documentary which featured on SP TV Premium, had the team from “Help Our House Is Haunted” fully investigate.

Chris Fleming, Barri Ghai, Sandy Lakdar conducted a full investigation for the popular series which aired in September 2018. In this program, our team here were hit with a few pieces of information that not only verified our work at Balgonie, but also opened up new possibilities with regards to the spirits who walk the grounds at Balgonie.

After briefly speaking with Chris Fleming – due to my shock at the accurate unknown information he hit upon – he said something that peeked my attention.

New Paranormal Information

Chris made contact with a 14th Century Laird & His Mason who built the main keep tower. He also says they are active here, which is no surprise to us, and that they actually made communication via his audio work. Due to the editing of the show which can only use so much in such a small airing, this was not used this time. However, we will follow up on this.

The main reason is not just to jump on the back of the shows work, it’s due to some further research and understanding that this Laird would have been a Mary Sibbald ancestor and we now feel there is an additional story to tell.

Balgonie Castle Spirits SpeakYou see, the lands of Balgonie were held by the Sibbald Family from around 1246. In the 1360s, the Sibbalds built a barmkin, or fortified courtyard, with a tower house at the north-west corner.

This falls directly into the time frame of what Chris told me and the energies he communicated with.


The Research & Observations Continue…..

As official researchers for the current Laird of Balgonie, Raymond Stanley Morris, Laird of Balgonie and Eddergoll and Stuart & Kelly Morris of Balgonie and Eddergoll, we have a duty to keep on researching, investigating and finding factual evidence of the history of this great location.

What better way than to follow on from the information gathered by Chris and the team during their short visit to Scotland.

So who is this Laird, is he, in fact, a Sibbald and what will the Mason tell us when we Balgonie Castle Outlanderbegin probing the location in October 2018.

Could this Laird be the grey-bearded figure we spoke about in our documentary, could it be the head and ruff seen floating around the great hall door area or are we seeing the Mason, still here and proud of his work.

So many questions which we must try to seek answers too.

Will they open up more of the story relating to Mary Sibbald, Green Jeannie or several of the other spirits that are said to wander here.

We will begin the work soon and keep you all updated on progress.

How exciting!

We have countless hours of video, audio and articles to add to the site here after our recent updates. Please keep watch for a tranche of new content to come soon.

Also, look out for my new book, The Unseen World, Afterlife Research which will hit Amazon on the 20th October 2018. All funds raised will be directly placed in the Scottish Paranormal research fund to further the study of the afterlife and how this can help you.

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