Balcomie Castle

Region : Fife
Location : 9 miles SE of St Andrews

Details : Construction of this castle began in the 14th century. Here Mary of Guise landed in 1538, and stayed on her way to marry King James V a few days later. see also the fantastic website of Scottish Castles Association for in-depth information – http://www.scottishcastlesassociation.com/rec-id-68-cat_id-3-highlight-2.htm

Paranormal Phenomena : The sound of a ghostly fifer is alleged to have been heard at this castle. A local tradition alleges that a fife player was put in the dungeon because his persistent playing annoyed the colonel of troops garrisoned at the castle. After a visit to Dunbar lasting four days, the man was found dead.

During the hours of darkness the minstrel’s ghost is supposed to walk about the castle.

The Weekly Scotsman, for Christmas, 1899 reported that – It has been said that the chairs in the Castle are sometimes moved about by some invisible power, that the candles in the Castle often burn blue, and that wild, unearthly whistling comes from the darkness of the Castle “keep.” But perhaps the strangest story in connection with the Castle was that told lately by an old Crail fisherman, who declared that he one night saw the minstrel’s ghost sitting on the top of the Castle flag-staff in full possession of a rusty tin-whistle.

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