Audio: Spirit Voices at Kirk O’Shotts

Spirit Voices at Kirk O’Shotts

Spirit Voices at Kirk O'ShottsThe main story associated with the Kirk, is that of a female driver who’s said to have hit the Kirk O Shotts Ghost.

She was absolutely stunned with shock when she got out to check, and found absolutely no one there, she of course thought she’d hit a physical person.

It was rather obvious that the said figure had mysteriously vanished into the ether.

Various other people – usually on foot – have also reported a mysterious apparition in the area.

More reports are flying into Haunted Scotland, we now have more information with regards to the road sightings. It’s most certainly a male figure!!

Some local people have started to avoid the particular part of the road that this apparition walks – seen so frequently – in favour of other routes away from the area.

The name William – a man who was murdered – whose body is buried within the Kirk with a rather unusual grave, is the prime suspect for the haunting. Is he looking for some sort of closure?

I conducted an audio session at this location to try to gather more information on the happenings. I specifically asked who the man was, I got the reply of ‘Alistair’ – which is contrary to the reports – however interesting nonetheless.

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Spirit Voices 2015: Kirk O'Shotts

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