As Unique Individuals, Lets Move Forward Together!

I feel absolutely blessed at times, when I sit back and reflect on the research, Investigation and observational work conducted in the country I love. Weekly – if the weather permits such – I travel all over Scotland with one main goal in mind, to answer those questions that people seek; with regards to hauntings and other ghostly behaviour.

I’ve crammed in so much research, in a relatively small period of time, just shy of a decade of constant study with many hypothetical propositions – along with extensive testing – and STILL I’m no closer to the truth.

Does this deter me in my search, of course not as I’m well aware that from top to bottom, regardless of what we are told, NO ONE has all the answers and that includes Science, Sceptics or Believers.

I like to look at myself as one of the many leading edge researchers, or better still, observer is more apt. Rather than fall back onto the ‘same old same old’, and get that overwhelming feeling of stagnation; I prefer to push on with new thought, new discoveries and brain bending hypothesises. This is needed, in my eyes, or we go nowhere in this field.

It’s the same principle with those who ONLY hypothesise and yet, take no action. They move nowhere and only judge by theory and not by results, something very evident with those who have set goals to always be right, and not to move the research and ideas forward.

If you are not thinking, sharing, taking action and then moving position regularly; then you are certainly not growing and you are not offering anything new to the field and its participants. If, in addition, you only pre-judge clients, researchers or even spiritual members of the communities, you are ignorant and possibly arrogant too.

On my travels, I keep an open blank mind and treat every single Investigation or research opportunity as a new discovery with new possibilities. I may use tried and tested techniques, that goes without saying, but on the possibility of spiritual contact, paranormal activity or natural occurrences, I will conclude after the session – If I can – and will allow the visit to flow, gather all the relevant information and I will stay very impartial with full respect to all witnesses.

I’m not influenced by others or what results they have gained, or not for that matter, but I do respect my colleagues and listen to them fully. I understand that I may come from a different perspective but ultimately, the work they do I fully respect regardless of small disagreements in methodologies or ideas.

People should not try to copy each other and close down other areas of thought. We are all unique and WE ALL bring something to the table, this is the uniqueness that fits together like a Jig-Saw and may just reveal the big picture.

I am very much aware that we have a few who THINK they have the answers and may even attempt to discredit, whispers and even poke fun at others. These people are best left to their own means, yet, fully ignored and left behind as we all push forward for answers without such childish drama.

Moving on, I’m yet again – with the assistance of others of course – pushing forward with International Paranormal Investigators (IPI), this was my 2006 brainchild; to get others coming together in the field for the common goal of advancement in a spirit of harmony. This does not mean to copy each other or set rigid rules of any type while we lose each members individuality, on the contrary, it’s about bringing something new, vibrant and even out-the-box to assist in further advancement.

So we have Haunted Scotland travelling the country to bring the latest news, research and ideas from this fantastic part of the world. Then we have the revamped International Project named TRIP, which offers a safe haven for open-minded in-depth discussions, on the boards, a plethora of fresh investigations and excellent video creations from Chris Huff, my fellow coördinator, and not to mention an exciting organisation that is well on the way to offering something new to the field.

Then we have the rise of the sleeping lion which is IPI! As mentioned above!!

Time to move forward with the mysteries and push into new boundaries, as we try to understand the nature of reality and the secrets she holds.

Do you want to come join the forward movement?

I’m certainly looking for like-minded individuals, who are in this field, to come and assist in IPI and the new chapter that it’s about to undertake; or newcomers to the field to take part at TRIP, to get involved in your local area, and help expand the research with guidance from Chris and myself.

These are massive projects, with slightly different aims but the same common goal!!

As Unique Individuals, Lets Move Forward Together!

Please do use the links and feel free to get in contact at any time,

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration
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