Are We Connected

What if we were all connected in a way that we could not see nor understand? linked at a great depth, that we Intuitively knew when something had happened to a loved one or someone very close to us! This is exactly what happened in the following story….

left brained critics will cry out for coincidence at the following, they fail to engage their own thinking and instead use the memory banks of learned information that has been conditioned into them through programming or text-book learning. I tend to disagree, I tend to think that the unseen is very much there, whether they wish to believe so or not……

Driving along the main road in a Fife seaside town on a daily shopping trip during a pleasant Scottish day, our minds raced as we tried to remember exactly what was needed for the household. Bread, Milk, Garbage Bags, have we missed anything at all was the predominant thought that delightful day.

It was in the next moment that things got very strange indeed. My wife turned to me and said “OH NO” she then carries on “Someone has been in a horrid accident or is going to be” now let’s be straight here, my wife is neither what we would class a medium, clairvoyant or sensitive and does not actively follow any belief system or immerse herself in any spiritual work at all. She had, basically what we would call an underlying gut feeling backed up by precise feeling of car accident.

It transpires that my wife’s mother, my mother-in-law, who at the time was in Denver USA, had just been in a car accident with her Sister whom she was visiting. The information had not been given to us, actually, we were not informed until her return well in excess of a week later. Thankfully she was okay!!

It had then became apparent, my Wife had actually had a link in at the time of the accident, not knowing who, what or where she had felt the feelings.

Now some will claim coincidence without really thinking about the word coincidence. It’s easy to brush off such a remarkable story, which is one in thousands if not million reported weekly.  I know that a massive percentage of you, the readers, will have a likewise story to tell that happened directly to you or to someone you know. Most likely, you are a little miffed that some will cry coincidence and brush it off or a left-brained semi-flexible academic will cry it’s anecdotal as a means to brush it off, how dare they, everything in this life is subjective and I rank personal experience above conditioned information from faceless authors of text-books with probable agendas or egotistic viewpoints. Think about that for a second and you will realise that the experience is mightier and should never be brushed off so flippantly.

Have you experienced the deep connections? Ever thought of someone and bumped into them? Had them call? Email even? or and this has happened personally….picked up the phone to ring someone and they are on the other end…no ring at all, perfect synchronicity!!

Let us know your stories and we will share them right here for others to read and open up too. Be part of the conversation, share your uniqueness and lets push the boundaries!!

To your health and well-being,

Ryan 🙂

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