An Ancient Mystical Priory In Haunted Scotland

An Ancient Mystical Priory In Haunted Scotland

Restenneth PrioryThe ancient Restenneth Priory, by Forfar, is believed to have been founded by the king of the Picts around 715AD.

The Pictish King was said to have sent for an Abbot to ask for instruction in the Christian faith, and also for builders who could build in the Roman style of stone, which was unheard of in this period.

However, the base of the tower is said to be closer to 11th Century, which would suggest that the ground has always had a spiritual connection, with rebuilding taking place throughout the ages. Either way, this priory is one of the very earliest stone buildings in Scotland.

The Picts were a tribal confederation of people who lived in what is today eastern and northern Scotland during the Late Iron Age and Early Medieval periods. To put that into perspective for you, this was from around 50 BC, right through to around the 7th century.

The stone carvings by the Picts also point towards a more esoteric nature, and mimics a lot of similar carvings from likewise indigenous tribes in others areas of the world. Spirals, serpents, and the like are highly prevalent as an example.

Restenneth Priory StoneThe placing of ancient stones – especially in the Angus area – would also suggest they knew something about ley-lines and the earth natural energies, where you will find many religious buildings or élite castle strongholds placed.

Could the veil to the spirit world be thinner in these places? And how does Restenneth Priory fit into such a hypothesis.

Will I continue to capture the voices of ancestors? Our loved ones perhaps? Or even those who have departed and seek to communicate with us all, here, in the physical

Let’s watch and see…..

An Ancient Mystical Priory In Haunted Scotland

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