Aleister Crowley’s House | Boleskine House

Aleister Crowley's House

Aleister Crowley’s House

Boleskine House is a manor on the south-east side of Loch Ness in Scotland. It’s well known due to being the author and occultist Aleister Crowley’s house, and later the home of Led Zeppelin guitarist and producer Jimmy Page.

Aleister Crowley's House

 It suffered significant fire damage in December 2015 and again in July 2019. There is no roof currently on the property, and the area is now 24/7 security with the building locked up and not accessible at this time to the public due to health and safety. 

 The house is now being restored, and construction work has started as of December 2019. The Boleskine House Foundation SCIO now owns the estate and is managing the restoration efforts. The website with plans for the project is here -- They are fundraising and crowdfunding to manage the restoration efforts, and various ways to get involved are outlined on their website. 

 Paranormal Activity

Aleister Crowley's House

Over the years there have been various reports of strange activity on the site of this property. According to legend, it’s built upon the ruins of a 10th-century church that’s said to have burnt to the ground during a congress, killing everyone inside.

This could explain the strange fires that have taken place here with no found cause over the years. Could some type of energy be causing an astonishing replay of that unfortunate event in history if true?

Other reports of strange deaths to Crowley’s Housekeeper’s children are recorded, suicides, attempted murders and people acting very much out of character.

Apparitions have been seen by some who have lived here, while others have experienced nothing out of the ordinary. A strange mix of experiences and tales, indeed.

Boleskine House | Would The Spirits Speak?

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