Your Experiences Crush Theory!

Everyone has their own story or tale to tell and many have had direct experience of situations that can not be easily explained by those who proclaim to be in the know. We live in a world where hypocrisy is rife and unfortunate, within the field of paranormal research, the overly cynical bunch have it all figured out when it comes to life’s mysteries. You see, regardless of your experience, you will be asked to prove to them what you share with family and friends and then most likely on the Internet. All while they will proudly proclaim to have solved your case from the armchair, using other people’s hypothesis who they never have known or worse still, who they worship (Church, Scientific Celebrities or Self-Proclaimed Experts)

This is not a an attack on them though, I am more interested in your experiences and making you clearly aware of such tactics. Many people are scared to share their encounters for fear of ridicule you see…a massive tactic used by the above group of people. They bring nothing to the research, they are not looking to either…you want to seek real sceptics who are flexible minded and willing to respectfully listen and work with you.

So how highly do I rate experience?

I rank experience as number one in my operation in this field, way before science or expert opinions. Without these reports, I would not be doing what I am doing here you see. Being someone who has had first hand encounters with no rational explanation likely to ever be found, I KNOW what it’s like to be on the other side of the process. I understand the frustration encountered when well-meaning people get it wrong or try to act as a now-expert in these dealings.

Have you ever witnessed anything paranormal?

I have, well to say it’s purely unexplained would be a better term but never less I have personally experienced some very un-natural activity that for over 20 years has never been explained in a coherent rational way. It’s actually cast a side by some as they can not explain it. Listen, a secret for you, If it can not be explained rationally at all, they will pretend it never happened and hope you will go away….dont tell them I told you 😉

Never be afraid to share your experiences and never allow anyone to ridicule or lord over you with regards to these. Seek out an experienced but open, flexible minded person to work with you on them. This way if you find out the experiences are natural, at least you will know this conclusion has been reached by someone with no agenda at play.

Unfortunately, if they are not found to be natural, it’s going to be harder to cry that they are paranormal. Too many people will try to bash it down to protect their own mindsets. There are some who make it their purpose in life to scour the net looking for stories just to bash them down. Ignore the trolls though!! if you do not feed them, they go away.

I really can not emphasise enough here about the sharing aspect. Its good people like you that allow us Investigators to really study and research the topic. Without you, we would be left with nothing to look at.

I am going to really stick my head about the parapet here and say:

Your Experiences Crush Theory!

That’s right, NO ONE on this planet has the right to tell you what you saw was tricks of the brain, wishful thinking, mistaken reporting or anything really unless they were physically there….Period!

For them to do so is a red flag that you should watch for. This is different from an able group of investigators or field researcher who will work with you on the background fully, visit the scene and with you, gain some type of conclusion or at least a hypothesis. They will do this face to face and not from an armchair though.

In the end, you observed what you observed and you are being true to yourself. You will have questioned things on your own, the left brain always does, so you can then comfortably move forward with this.

Keep all this in mind in the future and whatever you do:

Always share your experiences if comfortable and with people you can trust after background checking them. We need you, to progress!!

Many regards to you all!

Ryan x

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