Winter Plans with Haunted Scotland

Can you feel it; the incoming cold as we move from the warmer weather of the short – but surprisingly – pleasant summer. This is a time when many researchers step down their location sessions and get some off-site work completed.

Perfect time to catch up on those reports, get those videos made and start checking on the clients to see if they are doing okay now, after your assistance throughout the year.

This year we are going to do it slightly different, due to the amount of research still ongoing here.

For obvious reasons, I can not name the locations we are looking at and where we shall be over this colder period of the year. Mainly, this is to ensure that we do not turn a location into a large event when people come along to watch. Some of the locations are private, some are daily running businesses and others are open to all but small in size.

There will be opportunities in the future for the public to join us and we will let everyone know when this will be. Just make sure you subscribe to us here on the website or join the discussion boards.

Before writing this update; I finished some administration work with regards to locations that will be on the radar, and how they will be approached from an observational point of view. Lets just say, we are chock-a-block here, and I am excited and purpose driven in thought, to bring you material from each and every one of these fantastic locations.

On our Thursday locations which will vary between every week to every fortnight – as long as nothing comes up – we will be joined by local Spiritualist and excellent yet humble Medium, Bryan Boyle. We will provide if possible, spiritual impressions from Bryan, Echovox and Dictaphone audio along with the usual video material and photography.

On our Saturday locations, we will continue the ongoing research and observational work, at many of the great Scottish location with an interesting tale. Not to forget those that get in contact for a morning session!

I will also be enlisting the help of my colleague; and what I like to think of as one of my Mentors in the field of research, Chris Huff! Chris has researched in this field for over 40 years and holds a Bachelor’s degree, Archaeology, 2:1 from the University of York – Post Graduate Diploma, Research & Technology from the University of Canterbury and Master’s degree, Archaeological Surveying from the University of Durham.

Chris has a wealth of knowledge covering many areas, in particular, a skill that is second to none in the analysis of audio received from locations. This unique ability has proven fruitful over the last 4 months and enabled evidence to be found from material spanning back 7 years.

The success of the project TRIP, for International paranormal enthusiasts, can be equally accredited to the drive and passion that Chris shows. He has some excellent projects and ideas in the pipeline so stay tuned!!

Unfortunately, as a motorcycle owner; Chris will be unable to partake in Winter location visits but will be on-hand to help in the plethora of behind the scenes projects, ideas, brainstorming and forward movement.

In addition to the above locations, analysis and Spiritual Impressions from Mr Boyle, we have a few online projects to mull over. It would be foolish of me to reveal these at this time, as we are really on the drawing board and still fleshing out ideas here. However, the prospects are exciting and range across different platforms that get YOU the reader and visitor of these projects, heavily involved in paranormal observational work along with full interactivity.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have an insane passion for the field and absolute drive to work with others, the public with their stories and various researchers, trying new things to move the field forward.

Stick around, get involved and keep your feedback pouring in to the email box and message areas on the many platforms we use.

I count at least 10 locations before Christmas, a crazy amount of work but something to really get your teeth into, along with us, as we settle down for the winter!

Even if you’re in another area of the world, you can involved and do your part!

Drop us a line and let us know your thoughts,

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration
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