Will I get splinters sitting on that fence

You know, it’s absolutely absurd to think that something is not pretty well strange and mysterious in the amount of reports we get daily in regards to the paranormal and hauntings in particular. All walks of life provide these reports too, this is in spite of the agenda by a few to paint the reporting of mysteries as a crackpot fringe few and that we should return to “normality” and be good little consumers.

As you will have gathered by now, I have little tolerance for false reporting and pseudo-sceptical posturing which attacks the good people who only want to share their experience. The arm-chair crew will pretend to be all scientific in thinking and will tell you that your “brain was playing tricks on you” or some other half-baked excuse to protect their own self-claimed intelligence. This is why the ethos here is to report real stories and get you to critically think in all directions, not just in the way of paranormal events, BUT also agendas by those who want to ensure you never think in such mysterious directions. They are fast to judge you, but by goodness they will snarl if you try the same in return in search of the truth.

Listen, I am not in this field to butter people up within the sceptical community, scientific community or any community for that matter. My sole purpose is to report, document and share real stories from real people’s perspectives while also hooking up with teams and individuals to assist. I am here to comfort and encourage new witnesses without them feeling they will be ridiculed by the cruel attention seekers. I am here to support and assist while searching for the truth. My mind is flexible and ready to bend in may directions in my quest here.

I laughed at one sceptic who lambasted me for saying I’m firmly in the middle with full flexibility to critically analyse and move to all areas if I either experience directly, or find some overpowering evidence. I also listen with intrigue at witnesses and know instinctively that they are coming from an area of truth, if they are indeed doing so. For this I was hit with the aforementioned cynic by his proclaim of:

You will get splinters sitting on that fence

I chuckled so hard, you see, what he actually meant was, he wished to place me in a box on either side and hated the idea of me floating in many boxes and working my way through information. He could not judge me nor could he attack my stance as it was free-flowing.

I make no secret to the fact that I have enough pieces of information, personal experience and witness testimony to suggest that the world is not how already defined and something truly mysterious is taking place. It does not change my flexible ability though but does have me approaching the subject full of optimism. I mean, how many people jump out of bed in the morning full of enthusiasm and pure intention to get stuck into their research field.

Its been said time and again that the research field here is getting quieter and it’s not got as much people flocking around it, I tend to agree and disagree with this. I think the old way is collapsing and I feel we are entering a new era where researchers and individuals are beginning to understand the old way just does not work. They see that new thought and leading edge progression lies in out-the-box brainstorming and operation. The old pseudo-sceptical roadblocks and attacking machines that once drooled over the kill as they chased the paranormal/clairvoyants via websites, set up to solely destroy the above have now collapsed. Why did they fall you ask….the intention was negative, false in agenda and with time melted away like all else similar. The old way is dying (pardon the pun)

The whole lets debunk first is just as negative too. Who decided that you go and debunk first? who thought this negative approach was a good idea and put you in a flexible open and positive mind. Sitting beside a witnesses pre-judging because you thought this was the way to operate. Shessssh!!

I will beat the drum continuously….. 

Open flexible, out-the-box operation with the ability to flow with the information and return some kind of human feel to research.

Regardless of what the self-appointed intelligent cynics say or feel….the expereinces in regards to hauntings exist, across many cultures, religions and areas of the world and hit thick and fast on a daily occurrence. Just something they will need to deal with.

So tell me what you think, how do you see the way forward for research and study into the paranormal. Please also tell me if you have experienced the cynics and naysayers!! Do not fear them, embrace and feel for them…they are only trying to protect their rigid mindset!

Oh and before I forget….No splitters here 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Will I get splinters sitting on that fence”

  1. Personally, i dont really care what way it pans out (as selfish as that sounds). Im not into the whole ‘paranormal unity’ idea – considering many people have differing views on what paranormal research is about. Many see it as a social scene where every weekend you go sit in the dark somewhere … but thats not what I think of when i think of paranormal research.

    I would like to imagine that people will become more serious about research and share more ideas on just how to do that research. People like David M. Rountree is an example of someone who is pushing the edges of the box when it comes to research, and Im sure there are many many more.

    I would like to see more people like that come to the surface and bring paranorma research back to where it should be … a place where people with the interest share their studies on the paranormal.

    Not though, a collection of ghost hunting groups all claiming to be ‘scientific’. Paranormal research ISN’T scientific … certainly not yet anyway. it may be in a few years, but to claim research is scientific because people use devices they probably dont know how to use is going a bit far.

  2. Good Post Cormac!

    Do we want it to be Scientific anyway….I mean, some scientists can not even accept Quantum Physics without getting hot under the collar!! Can a collection of people not find the truth through personal study, true intentions and an inquisitive mind?

    I love science and for what it does BUT I also am very weary of its way of operation or agenda at times. Just a wee personal thought though!!

    Not heard David’s name in a long time…whats he up to??

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