Why Do Ghosts Wear Clothes

Why Do Ghosts Wear Clothes?

Why Do Ghosts Wear Clothesin Pictures!If ghosts are dead people, where do their phantom clothes come from.

It’s a very valid question, and may cause confusion in people who are genuinely interested in all things ghostly.

What about the clothes they are seen wearing, how can they be phantom clothes?

This one most likely originates from a pseudo-sceptic, I witnessed a few hurling around the question while debating if spirits were real, and this was the defence for those who think they are not.

They aggressively asked people to explain the apparitions clothing and how this can be possible as clothes do not die.

In order to understand why we see spirit with clothes on, we have to get away from the physical materialistic mentality and thought process that keeps us locked into a smaller awareness, and hence inability to contemplate the bigger picture.

The ghostly clothes we see – and hear about – through personal experience or witness testimony are merely energy projections from the spirit or the recorded replay.

Let’s start with the latter…

Non-sentient apparitions are merely trapped energy that usually finds itself embedded Why Do Ghosts Wear Clothesin our reality. The embedding process is said to be the result of emotional circumstance at the time of the event.

We are energy beings, and we emit energetic vibrations constantly in life, especially thought vibrations when infused with raw emotion.

This energy can find itself recorded into our environment, much in the same way a Hollywood film can be recorded onto DVD disc or Tape.

This can in turn be triggered by a conscious witness who somehow pushes the play button when in the area of said past event.

These apparitions are not interactive, much in the same way as your film characters will not start talking to you through the screen.

The clothes they wear are no different to the clothes the actors are wearing at the film shooting, it’s recorded data replayed back to us and we can view this past event in the present.

Active Spirit Clothes

Why Do Ghosts Wear ClothesWe then move onto a sentient spirit, a unit of consciousness that’s lived their life and dropped their physical body.

Still active in our reality, they can at times be seen in full manifestation, and fully clothed too.

These again are projections in energetic form, with the spirit consciously emitting an image of themselves for the witness.

Spirit will often show themselves at their ideal age when in the physical, wearing the clothes that are most recognisable, and even carrying what seems to be items associated with them.

This is all for the benefit of the conscious observer.

At our very fundamental we are all energy – and so are our clothes too – solidity does not exist how we think it does. What we perceive to be solid, is merely energy slowed down to such a vibration that we perceive it to be solid.

Everything is energy at different states of vibration.

Spirit is no different, it’s a higher vibration that we perceive to be non-physical and very Kirlian Photographytransparent.

Clothes shown to us on the spirit, are merely energy representations, they are not real clothes that the spirit puts on and takes off.

Think about when you dream, when you are in the dream world everything seems so solid and real.

There are times in the dream you put on clothes – or shoes – and do normal things, these in essence are not real and only energy too.

It’s all just data! They look real though, they may even feel real and if you have ever had a lucid dream, you will realise how utterly strange this is.

They are not real in our physical mindset though, on waking up we see no clothes, where did they go?

We Are All Consciousness.

Spirit will show itself in a way we can relate, and in a way they see themselves through their conscious thought process. They are merely emitting energy representations.

We are all conscious awareness, we are not our body, and we do not take our clothes with us in that sense! We take nothing but the awareness that we are.

If we decide to stay around here, and the conditions permit, we will show ourselves in a way we see ourselves, and we feel others see us too.

This is just a game of energy, a game in consciousness which is the fundamental, everything else is just data and information we interpret!

Reality is so much stranger than fiction, and thinking about the worlds biggest questions from a mindset and level of consciousness that thinks physicality is fundamental – where it’s consciousness that is fundamental – will never lead to answers within the bigger picture we are all taking part in.

Clothes do not die, and neither does energy, and we are energetic beings with an ability that far surpasses small picture thinking.

The clothes are not real, nor is there a body, it’s all ENERGY!

Let us know your thoughts on the topic.

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