Why Are Some People Close-Minded

As I replied this morning to a good friend, and a highly thought of colleague, from Indiana in the United States. I was hit with a few realisations with regards to how people think, and what may hold back good proper research and discovery in the paranormal field.

The above-mentioned friend – who is Chris Ratliff from Paranormal Ghost Research Indiana – was very balanced in his thinking towards a piece of software I use, open enough to understand but certainly not swayed till he has experience of such, and can see some building evidence.

Some people are not so open though, even if they proclaim to be so and they will throw your research, techniques, methodologies and protocols in the trash, in favour of their rigid belief system.

You see, they see things as black and white and have absolutely no concept of the grey areas and the complexity of this reality. They either are for or against with zero compromise or ability to shift position.

I said to Chris this morning, with regards to his balanced views:

This is True Scepticism Chris!!! You are open to the possibilities but not blinded by a belief either way! This is where I come from!! Pseudo-Sceptics have hijacked the true essence of scepticism and left the word dirty!



This is why I rattle on about open-minded, yet flexible in ability to switch positions. Some are stuck in a closed-minded, I know better than you, and that is that mentality.

This was a sticking point for me coming back to the field in such a visible way, since I took my break after the extensive work in building Scottish Paranormal. My focus, intention, purpose and ability to see things in a more subjective along with objective way, while researching, leaves the door open for naysayers, haters and know-it-alls to dismiss my hard thought out work.

I’ve had a few direct experiences – which I have not shared openly – these are very significant, subjective but are bordering on a more objective stance. This is mainly due to my searching and thus finding out – post-experience – many matching identically from a plethora of people worldwide.

Then I read from a few of the known researchers in the field, great people but in a certain mindset, who are rubbishing everything as anecdotal and subjective and not worthy of even looking at.

This turned my head to say...oh wait, this is not right, these happenings are being pushed to the side as irrelevant and they are happening to millions of people.

Why are people so closed-minded is the question, and my only answer is due to LACK of experience. These people have not experienced anything that can indicate paranormal possibilities BUT rather than waiting on such, if it even happens to them,  they have decided to conclude that no such thing exists.

Then, we have the same people who will tell everyone else that through their EXPERIENCE – they know as fact – other people’s EXPERIENCES are wrong. Is that not a tad arrogant or maybe even ignorant I ask?

Lets use the Echovox as a prime example here…

Over 6 months ago, I would have termed this as a play app on a smart-phone and with no place in research. I done this from a position of not knowing! I had never held it, never used it and never gave it at least a session before discounting it, much like I had seen with witness anecdotal classifications.

My curiosity got the better of me though! I took it to a location – locations that will be researched anyway – and saw no problem in dedicating a small 15 minute window from a 2-3 hours visit.

I was open to testing but leaning more on the hmmm side.

That was until the device gave a very clear, in no way shape or form pareidolia, reply. It was heard by three people with two simultaneously repeating the word out loud. The word was Glasgow, in a Glaswegian type accent. This application is American with spliced phonics.

So what would a researcher do first after this? Contact the creator of course! No, not the big cheese, the Echovox creator Danny!

I asked truthfully, specifically and openly if any spliced audio or phonics and the like were embedded in this application. I was told “No Sir”

So my thinking, and it is only such to be honest to you all, is that if we can gain EVP’s via digital devices then there is absolutely no reason why such can not happen with this particular program. It records all the audio, it’s providing background sound waves to be either manipulated [by non-physical means?] or used as back noise to carry waves via such! Again, this is only a working hypothesis!!

Now, the main point with the above is that some are dismissing it completely [The Echovox] but have never held the device, never researched and tested it completely, and are only judging by their belief system.

They then, may go and accuse everyone else of coming form a belief system and point the finger, as if in some way more intelligent and looking down upon us all.

I am going to burst a few bubbles here…I do not care who you are, how intelligent you think you are or how much you THINK you know about the nature of reality, you have NOT got all the answers.

It’s a journey of discovery and we use the tools in front of us to experience it! Some will work, some will not.

If you want to find the truth, you will not do so sitting in judgement of others using information gained from textbooks or written by other people’s ideas. You will only discover more by experiencing more….

Life is all about experience, NOTHING else can come before it! Something to remember when discounting other people’s research, witness reports or personal happenings as mere anecdotal or likewise.

Why are some so closed-minded…they have not experienced, but rather than sit in a balanced mindset like my friend Chris from Indiana, waiting on something to move his position, they pre-judge based on half stories, textbook education or lack of real experience from experimentation and action.

My suggestion would be to remain open-minded without the fluff about brains falling out, a catchphrase created to stifle real thinking. Get out and see for yourself too! NO one, including me, should ever influence your thinking and real experiencing of this reality.

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
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