What Do We Need, To Investigate The Paranormal

It’s with great regularity that I find myself asked this same question time and time again, what exactly is needed to activity seek out paranormal activity, and does it cost a lot of money.

This comes down to the Individual, and I can only really speak from my own experiences over the last 10 years of activity looking into all things paranormal related.

Like anything in life, I have come to appreciate that more is certainly not better; whether this relates to water, a crucial fundamental for life, or anything else you may think of as you approach daily activities.

There is no difference at all, in the pursuit of activity that is above the norm; I.E., Paranormal activity or seeking out the mysteries that are little spoken about in our daily routines.

More, certainly is not better, and fancy equipment may have you look like you know what you are doing, but it can drag you down in-to a whole host of other problems, both financially and time-related while on location.

The most important thing to have on location; fine tuned and ready to go with a full charge of energy….

Is You!!

Yup, that’s right, instead of all the fancy shiny metallic devices or plastic covered electronics; simply having yourself with an open-mind that is flexible to the possibilities, observational and true to oneself is the fundamental key to successful sessions.

Do you know, your body is well equipped to feel subtle energies on location, and you will be well aware of such if you just STAY in AWARENESS and act in the present moment. Stop thinking of what you are doing next; stop the internal chatter and BE very much in tune with the surroundings.

Listen carefully while on location; taking notes mentally, physically or in audio form of anything that transpires. Brush nothing off as natural till these moments have been fully observed, double checked BUT stay open-minded both ways. Time for hypothesising comes later.

Once you have this way of operating in place; a clear mind with no pre-judged thoughts or anticipation in either direction, you are ready to add in some recording equipment to boost your files.

Note Pad & Pen OR Dictation Device

After suggesting yourself , as the key fundamental to any session on location, I always recommend that a note pad and pen are on hand. This is to take notes of any possible activity, so later you may analyse such with clarity and go about the laborious task of Investigating post-session.

If you prefer an easier option; digital dictation machines are fantastic for narrating such events, going over them back at home and taking notes post-session.

If you are a hobbyist and conducting observational sessions, the need for recording every event is not needed.

Camcorder OR Digital Camera

These items allow you to take photography on location so you may display them online, keep on file or collect as part of your hobby. It’s rarely the case, that such, will host paranormal imagery but that does not rule out the rare chance of such transpiring.

Unless you have used a device with no flash, light or even night-shot capability, in the form of an IR Illumination, I would discount all ORBS as natural particles, insects or weather conditions playing havoc in the form of rain and snow.

If you have self-illuminating spheres on photography, with no chance of external lights illuminating such, I would keep them and get a second opinion from others who conduct similar research or observations on location.

Be true to yourself, if you know that light sources were used or the area was polluted with cigarette smoke or the like, discount them and move on with your truth-seeking.

The camcorder is excellent for producing video of your visits, in addition, you can set it up to film your sessions and use in later analysis.

If you can not afford both items, try to get a camcorder that takes photographs too [most do]. It will lighten your equipment load, save you money and free up your time on location.

You see, I could list a lot more in the remainder of this article but for the sake of simplicity, I think we should concentrate on the above for now. You do not need a ton of equipment, it will not cause you to be any more advanced than others in capture capability nor will it attract in paranormal activity.

You may wish to include the audio device and attempt capture of possible ghost voices, you wish to use your PC Tablet or Android phone for Echovox. In addition you may go down the ITC Research route and purchase a P-SB7 Spirit-Box. This is all easy transportable items, that can be placed in your pockets, allowing you great flexibility on location.

All said and done, you really only need yourself with the proper mindset and finely tuned faculties. The rest is tools to aid YOU!

If you find yourself getting caught up in the purchase purchase purchase mentality for the sake of how it looks, you are on the slippery slope of reduced enjoyment, empty wallets or purse, and in egotistical based competition mode of being better than the neighbours [other teams]

Personally, I promote enjoyable, serious and authentic research with observations.

Have a think of how you can adjust your sessions, or if just starting up, think seriously on where you wish to go with this. If anyone is in any doubt or need of further advice on protocols, set-ups or how they can adjust their sessions to be more enjoyable, send me an Email and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration
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