We Are All Experts!

Scientists claim, experts say and professors tell, and we are all to swallow this claptrap because they are deemed to be more knowledgeable than the average Joe on the street. When it comes to the paranormal and other such mysteries – that must be experienced in real time with an open mind and organic thinkingNO ONE has the right to proclaim anything as a fact, on any side of the argument.

No matter how many times our learned friends dismiss true experiences as anecdotal, irrational and not worthy of their “firing neurons time and patience“, these instances are very real, reported by millions and although subjective at time, are building together into a much bigger case of evidence.

I like big picture thinking, I like to look at the subject as a whole and begin matching and building the “jig-saw of the nature of reality”

This is a trait more in-line with right brained operation, far removed from dissecting every piece then giving a blinkered conclusion without a larger vision.

Often we are expected to woo over members of society who have letters after their name, deemed experts by a small group of peers, then wheeled out to give an opinion. As Mel Gibson says in the blockbuster “Braveheart” “Men do not fall at titles” certainly I do not, I have heavy respect for such, a person who has dedicated their time to their craft, but what is inside their mind and their way of thinking will not be transplanted into my mind! I like to see things in the now, to learn and experience for myself, so rather than believe, I then KNOW!

Society is run in a fashion where we are told what to believe, rather than finding out the

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

truth for ourselves. Our minds are shaped from birth and anyone unique enough to go against this grain is deemed insane, different, wrong and ridiculed. But think on that for a moment….who are the real insane ones in all this…..

The recurring theme you will find here at Haunted Scotland, is that you are the master of your thoughts, you are the observer who sees the phenomena and anyone else; is but a bit player, possibly to assist you in understanding. They may even share a few thoughts and support you to a conclusion…not ridicule, nor discredit you to support their egotistical mindset and ill-advised conclusions.

Science does not conclude, it builds models of reality and uses working hypothesises and theories. No proof is printed in peer reviews and only evidence of various multitudes are displayed to support the model….not actual reality! Like a map, its not the road, yet shows the probabilities of the roads…sometimes said roads are closed though!! The map is not the territory you see, a mere guide to work from.

Some forget this in their desire to be right!

So the next time you see absolute conclusions, ridicule, discredit or derogatory terms applied to people – who think different and have thoughts on something opposing the norm – remember this and see exactly what is transpiring!

We are all experts, experiencing life and experimenting as we take this long journey!

Never allow anyone to tell you how to walk your path in life or to judge your experiences. They are, as you know, unique……Much like you!

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Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
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