The Top 3: Paranormal Investigating Mistakes

I am often asked, what are the three main mistakes made by those Investigating hauntings, especially within people’s homes and locations. Common mistakes made by those either new to the field, still progressing their understanding or those stuck in a rigid belief systems. 

Please understand, I come from an angle of still learning within this field and I regularly consult my peers to push my knowledge forward. When I share information, I only share from my current understanding and this is open to change in the future as more discoveries are made and I evolve in thought.

So what are the three common mistakes employed by Investigators on location?

  • The Debunking Attitude

Do not be fooled, this is number one on the list for a reason and many people have employed this stance due to either peer pressure or copy cat researching. So what is the debunking attitude and how can we overcome this.

On the face of it, going to a location with the mindset of debunking everything and seeing what you are left with may seem plausible. Nothing can be further from the truth though, it is entirely the wrong mindset to have in this research. All participants in paranormal research, Investigation and even enthusiastic hobbyists should access all cases with an open mind with a great deal of flexibility.

Contrary to popular belief or pseudo-sceptical mumblings, your brain will not fall out your head with an open mind, actually your mind is not the grey matter anyway, wherever the debunking mob got that phrase from I will never know, it displays a certain level of ignorance.

An open mind does not mean you believe everything unconditionally, it means you are open to the possibilities and suspend any judgement until you fully research and observe the case. You treat the witnesses with utmost respect regardless of how hard it is for you to understand their testimony.

Open to everything but attached to nothing, my favourite author Dr Wayne Dyer says on a regular basis and I tend to agree fully.

Stop going into locations to debunk, go in openly, respectfully and be ready to change your own mindset with a flexibility that will enhance all your data collection and experience, to its full capacity.

Watch your sessions improve greatly and your relationships with clients soar to a level beyond expectations. Lets keep it real and lets keep it respectful!

  • The TV Set-Up

Listen, I have absolutely nothing against any of the television shows in relation to the paranormal or investigation on location. I have appeared or worked closely with a lot of the older shows and have a great relationship with them. I tend not to slag off any of them as I can see why they are there and how at times they can raise awareness into the paranormal topic.

That being said, I also see a rising problem as many other will too. Why are people basing their research around what they see on TV? An understanding would be; these shows are produced for the general public, they were never introduced for those with a more serious attitude to research so first, there is no point in attacking them relentlessly. Many see them for what they are, entertainment and bloody good for that purpose only, maybe the history too but that is about it.

Why are people hanging on their every word and modelling their set up to match them, be unique. I often keep in mind that I was born a unique individual, do not die a copy Ryan, and I push that philosophy out to you too. Revel in your individuality and ability to push forward with fresh ideas and new methodologies as we seek to understand the paranormal topic at large.

Model your group or individual research project on your own discoveries and epiphanies as they reach you mentally. Put these into action regardless of what those around you say and really rip up that box and be on the leading edge of discovery and exploration.

No more TV set ups, it holds you back, leave the tube programs for a relaxing night of entertainment.

  • Post Investigation Laziness

It’s all about the Investigation and then when it is time to review evidence, go over the witness testimony and do a coherent write up on the events of the sessions, most people run away and focus on the next location.

You can not operate like this and if you insist on doing so, your locations will dry up sooner or later and you will have no more research to conduct. Word spreads fast in the field and there are too many people who would not take a second thought on informing everyone about this type of operation. If this is all you want to do, I would recommend that you go on the many ghost tours, events and workshops for some lighter experiences.

Your team coördinator or founder should have delegated jobs to each member of the team and they should be fully complete before contemplating the next case. If you can not be bothered with this part of it, paranormal research & Investigation is not for you.

You have witnesses relying on you, a team relying on you and the members of the public keenly waiting on good solid information to emanate from you or your association. Do not let them down, follow the case through fully and STOP BEING LAZY

I know the above does not apply to everyone, there are many people out there who are absolutely amazing researchers. It is just a pity a few have lost their way or have not applied their own thinking and allowed others to do it for them.

So for all those asking, that is my three main observations in relation to mistakes made by some within the field.

Can you think of more? what have you experienced on your travels within this amazing field?

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration

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