The Reality Behind The REAL Mary Kings Close

It’s certainly easy to forget the reality behind the paranormal stories, when we cast an eye at the many reportedly haunted locations within Scotland. The Real Mary Kings Close, situated at present day Warriston’s Close, High Street, in Edinburgh is no exception.

As someone who has worked extensively on the paranormal side of the topic, down in the award-winning attraction, over a period of three or more years. I can certainly hold my hands up in forgetting just how sad the historical aspect is, often I would be immersed in protocols for Investigating or conducting paranormal themed events during the many festivals or holidays.

The details from history must never be forgotten while the pain endured, during some dark and difficult times, honoured with the respect they are due. It’s all too easy to let the latter slip by without a thought, while looking towards the non-physical in such deeply popular places, as is the case with the famous Mary Kings Close in Edinburgh.

There are no doubts in my mind, from the experiences I have witnessed and data I’ve collected, that this location has paranormal activity occurring on a regular basis. What we should ask is “Why?” are we looking at a connection to past events, and just how well do we know the real history, that might just be the root cause of such mysterious activity?

Here is a fantastic video from STV, who have really captured this feeling and thought process during an excellent piece of reporting.

Credit To: STVScotland on Youtube

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