The Real Mary Kings Close

The Real Mary King’s Close is a warren of underground streets and spaces.  It can be a strange concept to understand – back in the 1600’s, Mary King’s Close and neighbouring Closes were at the heart of Edinburgh’s busiest and most vibrant streets, open to the skies and bustling with traders selling their wares to the Old Town’s residents.  Why would this street find itself underground 400 years later?

For years, the hidden Closes of Old Town Edinburgh have been shrouded in myths and mysteries, with blood curdling tales of ghosts and murders, and of plague victims being walled up and left to die.  Research and archaeological evidence have revealed a truer story, rooted in fact and – as is so often the case – more fascinating than any amount of fiction.

Out-with the obvious experts who run this award-winning attraction and the few historians who make it their passion to cover aspects such as this location, Ryan O’Neill [Haunted Scotland] from a paranormal perspective, has worked and researched this location the most extensively and is certainly up there with other like-minded enthusiasts.

Three solid years worth of research and working hand in hand with the attraction management on events and festivals proved to be fruitful for raising the awareness Internationally and gathering data that can not easily be explained.

At one point Ryan claimed this location to be the most paranormally active from an on-site Investigative or events perspective. Not only subjective witness reporting but actual activity was never far away when Ryan took his team down underground at The Real Mary Kings Close.

Ryan said in 2005:

“Mary Kings Close needs no introduction to most people, we have all heard of the stories and historic recordings from the worlds most famous time capsule. Here in Scotland, it’s the number one paranormally active location, there is no better place for a paranormal investigator to have the opportunity to work”

A search on-line via one of the massive search engines such as Google, will provide you with 1000’s of personal testimony and experiences of paranormal activity. When you add this to extensive research as conducted by Ryan and his original Scottish Paranormal team, you have explosive data that is very hard to dismiss.

On many occasions the equipment would pick up anomalies in sound, temperature and even cause broken beam alarms. Open-Minded sceptical Investigators who Ryan held in high esteem, would personally witness phenomena such as footsteps walking through the “Hidden From Time” room [see 12 in map]  while working next door in the “Chesney House” [see 13 ]

Due to the significance of the data, personal experience by Ryan and his former colleagues and the amount of media in our files, We have decided to open a special section just for this location. Members of the public or other Investigative teams are welcome to use it as a resource or to report anything they have experienced in this particular location.

Mary Kings Close & The Continuum Group are also welcome to use any of the data for further promotion of this fantastic location. Ryan is also available for further research if need be.

We hope you enjoy this extra section [see drop down box] and we will ensure to keep it as up to date as possible for MKC enthusiasts.