The Phantom Carriage Of St Andrews

The Phantom Carriage Of St Andrews

The Phantom Carriage Of St Andrews

We wander the religious centre of Scotland – named after Saint Andrew the Apostle – a highly historical area. Once known as Scotland’s Rome, could this world-famous Fife town be the centre of Scotland’s most active paranormal activity?

Welcome my friends to St Andrew’s, In Fife, Scotland.

An affluent area of Scotland, steeped in history, but where we find history we find mysteries and activity of an otherworldly kind.

Paranormal Activity

One such character who is mysteriously making his presence known from the afterlife is Archbishop James Sharpe.

On 3 May 1679, a group of nine Covenanters, including John Balfour of Kinloch, were waiting at Magus Muir, hoping to ambush the Sheriff of Cupar.

The Sheriff gained information about this and decided to stay home; he knew due to his prosecution of Covenanters that they would murder him.

On the road, that day, however, was Archbishop James Sharpe, So they waited then intercepted him instead.

Sharp was stabbed several times, in front of his daughter Isabella, before he was killed by a shot to the chest.

Is this the reason why his ghostly apparition is seen in multiple places in the general area? Is the Phantom Carriage Of St Andrews associated with Sharp?

The Pends In St Andrews is the focal point for our afterlife research this week. We visited the area to continue our research into the life and death of Archbishop Sharpe, who we tracked at an earlier investigation at Magus Muir which is relatively close by.

Let’s watch the video…..

The Phantom Carriage Of St Andrews

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