The Parasites of Paranormal Research

The Parasites of Paranormal Research.

The Parasite of Paranormal ResearchI start this inclusion with deep sadness at the news of Colin Fry passing away of Cancer at 3am on 25th August 2015.

He passed over peacefully in hospital, and I’m sure everyone will join me in sending respectful wishes to his family and friends at this time.

This then swings me into this website inclusion today, because yet again, in grief we’re met with adversity in the form of reductionist materialistic fame seekers and their ilk……

I absolutely refuse to name the above, as by giving them publicity they thrive as they have done for over a decade – and that is only one band of men I speak of – so we will continue without giving them a sniff of what they crave.

If you feel a touch of frustration from me, then you are correct, as I witnessed the biggest form of hypocrisy known, and more so I seen the game plan of this sad little fellow and his so-called exposure of mediumship.

As many people digested the loss of Colin Fry this morning – whether on Twitter or Facebook – one parasitical pseudo-sceptic who is full of absolute claptrap, and has been for several years, decided to create an article to have a go.

Let’s be clear, this is an absolute coward of a man who hides behind a pseudonym and loves to stoke up drama with false accusations.

The Parasites of Paranormal ResearchIn the past he has claimed threats to his life for exposing mediumship, among other things, with not a shred of evidence which is highly comical going by his life mission of exposure and asking for such evidence.

Rather than allow the grieving process for family and friends to work its course, he thought he would tag the loss on Twitter, and then write more of his claptrap about Colin.

Something every family member will want to see Huh?

Let’s be to the point here, this is someone who says people such as Colin preyed on the grieving people of this world. Then he tags him and writes an awful article so Colins followers, friends, and family could see! Stunned!!!

It brings us to the paranormal community at large.

These people use other people’s fame, success, or research to cause drama and then reap the rewards of publicity. They do it on social media or through their forum boards online.

They build up a band of followers who are just that, brain-dead ‘followers’ in the fact they do not critically think for themselves, they use similar rhetoric to their masters with no real inner thought process evident.

They rarely have direct experience, they have never got of their ass to actually research anything, and they follow a leader who is out to make a name for themselves with little regard for anyone apart from them-self.

Here’s an idea, how about they actually create something worthwhile, do some proper research to move the subject forward, and work off their own back and not everyone else who are busy making a difference.

We lost someone today who done the latter, and we wish that he RIP and progress through the next realm with passion and growth.

To the parasites trying to gain from him even on his passing, I hope you can look in the mirror and ask yourself “What do I contribute to life” I have a feeling a lot will be looking away!

I’ve said my part, now on to the next part of the research here.

Take Care…

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