The Paranormal Game or NOT!

I truly feel sorry for the general public at times, if it is not bad enough that they are ridiculed and judged unnecessarily, they are also looked at as a possibility to secure a location, for an egotistical game of one-upmanship by some within the paranormal field. We are talking about people who are scared out their wits with the activity transpiring around them, people at their worst imaginable through fear of the unknown.

Yet, some are hell-bent in using them as pawns, for the latest edition of the real life soap-opera, full of drama that would put Coronation Street to shame at the next awards ceremony.

You see, if it’s not bad enough that this childish type fighting still rears its ugly head in the commercialised locations, with people using them as some type of badge of honour, they are now manipulating the average Joe whom deems this very much real and something that can ruin their life. IT IS SERIOUS!!! STOP!!!

Every client case should be treated with the utmost respect, confidentiality is a must and public announcements of excitement over someone’s hurt should be frowned on within the community. Proclaiming on social media that you are excited over private cases and back slapping and big smiles is very insensitive indeed. I have been alerted to such behaviour lately and asked my opinion, I am actually disgusted to be honest.

Of-course, in no way will I be naming anyone nor even entertaining them in the future now, but it has spurred me into action this Friday evening to get my thoughts out onto the screen here at Haunted Scotland.

Lets reflect for a second, what goes through the minds of these people do you think, and how do you feel such behaviour reflects on the paranormal research field. How will the pseudo-sceptics run with this, will this give more ammunition and hurt us all and will the press run negative stories about the insensitivity of some who claim to be professional or even advanced hobbyists.

Has our field been reduced to a game of point scoring against the local or even International teams that we should be working side by side with?

I remember years ago, we used discuss at team meetings, how some ghost hunters [explorers and not researchers in general] used to list their locations in their profiles on forum boards and websites all over the Internet. The roll of honour with the amount of locations looked at. I think it is not so bad in 2013 and we are left with mostly people who have passed such childish action, thank goodness, but what about the private case hunters shouting other people’s private contact to them from the roof tops?

My own suggestion would be to quietly tell them how inappropriate it is, most likely, better to come from the public themselves and not fellow researchers. For some reason, passing on a friendly word of advise is deemed as an attack in a field that is largely split in some quarters. It is getting better though, I am an optimist.

Reason for this short article this evening?

  1. Respect the public fully when they trust you as a contact.
  2. Do not share on Social Media your glee over private cases where people may be looking for help, it is insensitive!
  3. Real experiences and people are the foundational aspect of ALL Investigations, not a commodity to be brushed aside so as to chalk-up another shiny badge.

To wrap it up, I would like to add in the need for coöperation not conflict, respect and not judgement and openness and not closed-minded arrogance. No one knows it all, not me, not scientists and not one single researcher. All the good researchers I talk to admit that they know nothing and still seeking answers. Where do you fall?

Please do have an awe-inspired weekend my friends,

Take Care,

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration

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