The Osnaburg Bar

The Osnaburg Bar has a history of floating shadows and unexplained sounds.

As highlighted in a feature by retired journalist Laurie Rogers, these have been attributed to the spirit of a chimney sweep who died in the flat above.

And the spirits did not let down the members of Scottish Paranormal who monitored the bar with cameras and audio recorders, from midnight to 2.30am.

The group’s medium Bryan Boyle took on the persona of several old customers at the bar.

At one point, a loud thump—which couldn’t be explained—was heard and electronic recording equipment placed in the cellar picked up two voices.

Jim Cunningham, from the group, said, “We are going through all the tape and will be writing up a report of our findings.

“Our medium, who didn’t know where we were going until he got into the car, came up with some very interesting things. He became some of the bar’s old customers.

“Brian could also tell that the bar’s layout had been changed and pointed to one area and said that used to be a corridor.

“He also came up with a Masonic lodge. Apparently there are signs of this on the floorboards, which have a carpet over them. There was no way he could have seen that.

“Our electronic voice specialist Graeme Baxter has just done a quick check of the tapes and has caught two voices on them coming from the cellar—one telling him to get out and another of a man’s name.

“During the night there was a thud, which couldn’t be explained. I am hoping this has been caught on the tapes.

“We also took temperature readings and found that it was a full degree hotter near to our medium’s back.”

He added “What we will do is make a full report of our findings and take our findings to the current and previous managers of the bar for their thoughts.”

Manageress Donna Cruickshank said, “It was extremely interesting, especially when Bryan became old customers.

“I will look forward to reading the report.”

Mary Cunningham SP Owner Video Above! –

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