The Debunkers Have Surfaced

Tell it how it is Ryan, get the pad open and start writing in response to more Pseudo-Sceptical propaganda and flawed interpretations. This is what was ringing in my ears this morning, most likely in reply to what I had read last night before retiring to bed. You see, I had just read an article in The Daily Express, in regards to  Why science is taking near-death experiences seriously and was immediately hit with our old friend Dr. Susan Blackmore and more misleading information.

The first thing I would highlight is the following…..

“It’s important to acknowledge that people really do have these experiences,” says Dr Susan Blackmore, an academic psychologist who is one of Britain’s scientific authorities on the subject.

In her own admission, Blackmore during a radio interview with Alex Tsakiris, on the show Skeptiko, informed us that she was well out of this field of research (NDE) and had done nothing since writing her book Dying to Live: Near-Death Experiences, back in 1993. She fully admits to not keeping up to date with any of the literature, so why is she seen as the leading authority to comment, paragraph after paragraph, with flawed outdated information and data?

Surely we should be hearing from Dr Peter Fenwick, a neuropsychiatrist and neurophysiologist who is known for his studies of epilepsy and end-of-life phenomena. He is recognised as an authority on the relationship between the mind and the brain, he has also collected and analysed more than 300 examples of near-death experiences.

Blackmore is in no position to comment on the phenomena purely due to her biased approach and outdated information. I am bemused why she was given a platform or why she would even accepted it, knowing that she can not give compelling information and having no desire to be open, flexible and approach from a neutral standpoint.

Listen, personally I do not mind reading opposing opinions or measured information if supplied in a way where we can progress the research. There are many academics who can be open-minded enough to approach such subjects in a fashion more tasteful for all angles. Debunkers with little information and heavy bias are destroying information to keep us in a materialistic view-point. They can be ignorant enough to think their opinions are 100% true and to view us and the 13 million (USA alone) experiences adults have had as fairy tales. This is Ignorant, arrogant and what has become expected from a selection of society who are trying to stifle YOU from getting the truth.

There explanations become more ridiculous than reality itself and still they manage to parrot it without laughing at us. It is pure delusion on their part and they have the arrogance to tell us we are all deluded, irrational and nonsensical. Can you see what is happening here?

Here is the Sketico show where Blackmore herself, will tell you she is no longer actively researching this area, reading literature or writing about NDE’s, which she never had any real expertise in anyway.

Please also seek out real researchers who are heavily studying this area and have been for many years. Do not take your information from sources such as Blackmore or her followers and readership. Interesting to note, Pseudo-Sceptics always say people are fake/hucksters just trying to sell books, and we see Blackmore has published nine of them. Will this make her the same? Nope, in their eyes she is credible then, but someone like Gordon Smith, the very accurate and kind-hearted Clairvoyant from Glasgow, will be deemed as a huckster for being a fellow publisher. How does that work? Hypocrisy much?

Lets demand balance from our news sources, lets demand the truth be told and not suppressed. That we have real researchers and not people who think they have the one and only truth then ram it down our throat’s as fact.

Lots of people will now have read the article in question, they will now believe fully what Blackmore and the direction of the article is implying. Some of these same people will now ridicule anyone who talks of their NDE, because they read it’s all false as an academic said so! What they fail to realise is the said academic has out-dated information, no real active research and loves to sell books to her band of merry followers, who in turn insult people wanting to share their stories. What a sad thing it all is!!

Please note, this is not personal, I am sure Dr Blackmore is a really nice person, It is the false information presented as truth that I critique. Enough I say!!

Lets keep up the pressure and show the truth of the situation.

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration

2 thoughts on “The Debunkers Have Surfaced”

  1. There’s nothing wrong with what she’s saying. She looked into the subject in some depth, found the ‘evidence’ sadly lacking, and moved on to other areas which would benefit from her skills more. You guys need to move on and stop living in the Dark Ages.

  2. Hi Jon, Thank you for your comment! I approved it even though you used a fake Email address.

    There is something greatly flawed in what she says, that is, she is using data from the Nineties. Now, I do not know about you, but personally, I like to continuously study a subject while using up-to-date information and research. This is why I suggested much more able academics who have not admitted themselves, that they no longer read the literature [see video]

    It is about progression. This is why I find your dark ages comment highly amusing. You do realise that it is like-minded people, myself and others in this field who are pushing for progressions and evolving thought? We are not interested in debunking using data collected, which is also flawed, from the last century and would like to see more studies without the childish ridicule and old style thinking. As for her being the leading academic in this type of study or even close to the top researchers in the field, I will leave that for people to make their own judgements.

    Thank you for commenting though, I respect you for putting your points forward.

    Kindest Regards,

    Ryan 🙂

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