The Act of Observing – Does it matter?

I remember the days when everyone in a paranormal Investigation team had a label placed over them. You had the psychic, the sceptic, the historian and equipment guy/girl to name but a few and everyone enjoyed their role within the team. There is absolutely nothing wrong with such set-ups and the methodologies employed to suit the teams strengths and weaknesses, as long as you place your own stamp upon it and not just following TV shows or similar. I always advise that you take ideas and then use what works and also remove what does not work and then create your own style, flexibility is key so moving fluidly with time as new discoveries and better ways of working are unveiled is a must.

I also remember a passing remark from a fellow colleague in the field who said that activity on locations seem to slow down or become non-existent when a cynical team member is present. At the time I struggled to accept that the thoughts of such a person could affect an Investigation but did confirm that this was the case on locations I had attended with people who were there to debunk in a cynical fashion. Lets be clear, I do not mean sceptical as the term refers to open minded critical thinking people who look at all areas, the term has been hijacked by debunkers who are out to prove everything fits their belief system of non-paranormal events. To me personally that’s as bad as accepting everything as paranormal, its throwing all the eggs in one basket and then fighting tooth and nail to be right for the sake of…well..being right. Its an ego thing and in such a research field, there is no place for it!!

So, many years on and with various new pieces of knowledge under the belt so to speak I find myself in more of an understanding to how thoughts and a strong belief systems may in fact affect an Investigation. Quantum mechanics and the double slit experiment shows us that the particles of light shot through slits behave differently when observed and act in a way that is expected by the scientists…when not observed though they go back to acting completely different which goes to prove that the very act of observing can change how said particles and reality manifest. Lets get the expert to show you in simple terms…watch this video before we continue:

So as you can see, the very act of observing can determine the outcome based on expectancy you could say. So can this happen on Location with say….a cynic? Could the strong desire, observation and insistence in debunking actually hinder how energy manifests and alter the natural atmosphere of said place?

To go deeper, could a team full of debunkers get exactly what they are looking for? Do we need to keep an open flexible mind so as not to affect experiments and locations natural atmosphere?

Maybe that colleague was correct some time back and maybe believers are getting actual evidence in relation to their thinking and debunkers likewise. Could it be one big paradox where all camps are actually correct but it depends on the moment and mood at the time of the session. Something to chew on for a while!

Open minded and flexible observational based Investigation is most certainly highly beneficial in these circumstances, a new emphasis on a clear head for clear thinking with no pre-set outcome playing on the screen of the mind is a must.

There is of course only one way to find out….that’s to get out there and get Investigating!

Please feel free to leave your comments, thoughts or criticisms below.

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