Spirit Voice at Goblin Ha

Possible Spirit Voice, captured at the Goblin Ha’ AKA Yester Castle in Scotland. This was discovered by Christopher Huff, after yesterdays video upload. This is an exciting capture due to the fact that everyone was accounted for, no one heard this at the time and it was even overlooked during the initial evidence review.

Could we have captured a lost soul crying for help from within the dungeon tunnels?

Another mystery from deep within the spooky Goblin Ha’

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The Goblin Ha’ AKA Yester Castle

Gifford, Haddington

Sir Hugo de Giffard was known as the ‘Wizard of Yester’, and was considered to be a powerful warlock and necromancer. It is in the undercroft of the castle that he was thought to practise his sorcery. 14th century chronicler John of Fordun mentions the large cavern in Yester Castle, thought locally to have been formed by magical artifice. Legend supposed that Hugo was able, via a pact with the Devil, to raise a magical army to his aid, and use them to carry out his will. It is this army of hobgoblins that was considered the builders of Yester Castle.

In this location, during investigations and observations by a plethora of enthusiasts into all things paranormal, various noises, EVP and weird sensations have been evident.
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Spiritual Voices Caught On Audio Device

Have you personally discovered the phenomena of spiritual voices caught on audio device? actually, I may get my knuckles wrapped for my assumption just now as some have already come up with other thoughts but hey, its my article so I may as well indulge my ideas and thinking along with you the reader! So anyway, EVP as its called “Electronic Voice Phenomena” or “Phenomenon” if from across the big pond, is when we capture apparent voices that seem not to be present at time to our hearing, but somehow etch themselves into the devices storage centre.

There is a lot of audio out there with varying quality and admittedly, some are a stretch in-as simple noises are being interpreted as words when they truly are far from said claimed results. On the flip side, we have ‘Class A’ audio that is so clear that it will send a shiver up the spine of the listener and leave most us researchers scratching our heads.
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