Echovox | Q&A with Haunted Scotland

Echovox Q&A with Haunted Scotland

echovoxThe Echovox system seems to tap into those areas that spiritual mediums can, albeit, without the visual aspect or symbolic jigsaw building that many of these gifted people experience.

Audio phoneme sound banks playing at high randomness – allowing the non-physical to use these non-physical fields – to communicate via words & phrases turning chaos into coherent order.

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What Questions To Ask Echovox

Here we have another question that many people wish answered – and rightly so – as it can be rather difficult to think about what to ask during Echovox sessions.

I mean, you could just leave the software running, hoping to capture some type of communication, but I have to say, this is not the best practice.

So what is then?

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What Is Echovox

What Is Echovox

What Is EchovoxI’m often asked this question [What Is Echovox] due to the plethora of videos, and ongoing testing sessions I conduct with the Echovox System.

Many people are gaining results you see, with many an eyebrow now being raised by those with the mind open enough to test the system.

What we have here, is a fantastic piece of software that can run on your Smart-phone or PC tablet [I use Android Version] and can then discreetly be used on location.

My usage is widespread in or around locations, with reported hauntings, due to the nature of my study and observations.

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