The Goblin Ha’ AKA Yester Castle

Gifford, Haddington

Sir Hugo de Giffard was known as the ‘Wizard of Yester’, and was considered to be a powerful warlock and necromancer. It is in the undercroft of the castle that he was thought to practise his sorcery. 14th century chronicler John of Fordun mentions the large cavern in Yester Castle, thought locally to have been formed by magical artifice. Legend supposed that Hugo was able, via a pact with the Devil, to raise a magical army to his aid, and use them to carry out his will. It is this army of hobgoblins that was considered the builders of Yester Castle.

In this location, during investigations and observations by a plethora of enthusiasts into all things paranormal, various noises, EVP and weird sensations have been evident.
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Spooked Teens

How would you act if faced with blatant paranormal activity, especially if such was happening at the young age of thirteen. Would you think that you were hallucinating, that it could not possibly be. I mean, after all, we have been conditioned to THINK that the afterlife does not exist while discounting millions of witness reports.

Good job the above happened with three other people then, one guy being 15 years old and the other, a year above me at just 14 years. I am at this point going to change their names, to protect their identity as they have not said they wish to be announced as witnesses to the events. Not that Arnold, the 15-year-old who lived there with his parents or Watty, my good buddy who lived near me, would mind in the slightest knowing them.

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Magical Egypt

There is another side of Egypt that is not so widely known. Egypt is also the land of secrets. Another history, a secret history, tells of Egypt as the inheritor of deep wisdom and magical ability from an even earlier culture. It is the account of the Egyptians themselves. This alternate history is echoed by parallel accounts from the myth and history of other ancient cultures, as well as myriad secret societies and occult sources. The remarkable number of parallels in these stories provides a unique window into this other Egypt.

A new kind of counterculture is emerging around the unexpected discoveries of a small but growing circle of scientists, authors and researchers. The focal point of this counterculture centers on an alternative interpretation of ancient Egypt — not as mankind’s earliest attempts at primitive civilization, but as a fully developed, and inexplicably advanced culture, who’s scientific and metaphysical achievements we are only beginning to fully appreciate.

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The hitchhiker

It was at my college, around 6pm. I was in the lower campus, approaching a set of steps leading up to the upper car park. I don’t remember seeing anyone coming down the steps, but suddenly there was a young guy walking towards me. He was bent over as if walking into a strong wind. His eyes were screwed tight shut and he had scruffy clothing and a backpack.

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Black Shadow Form Experience

The experience occurred in my old apartment building. It was once a old hotel that was converted into an apartment building. I lived in a one bedroom/corner apartment on the 2nd floor. I went to bed and had a dream that I woke up at night and a dark shadow figure was in my bedroom pacing between the living room through my bedroom towards the bathroom.

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Spirit Trying To Talc?

My granny and granddad lived in a house with my granny’s mother, so it was my great granny, and sadly she passed away 6 years ago now.

However some strange things have been happening in the house since she died, such as ornaments facing the other way in the living room and sudden smells of flowers appearing then disappearing.

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Kirk O’ Shotts (Church)

Mysterious figures of a ghostly nature, unexplained voice recordings and a general feeling of unease when darkness descends. It can only be the imposing yet breathtaking location that is Kirk O’Shotts, and its surrounding area.

The parish of Shotts bulks large in covenanting history. The Rev. John Livingstone, after Communion on 21st June 1630 preached a sermon on the Monday in the churchyard Which kindled the flame of revival that spread over a large part of Scotland-a flame which even the persecutions of the next generation did not extinguish. But it was a superstitious age, and not many years after the revival we find the kirk-session of Shotts dealing with a number of witches. Indeed, in 1683, thirty men met between the Kirk of Shotts and Cambusnethen, who had forsaken the ordinances of God, and there did debate the authority of Scripture, and thereafter played at football with them [the witches], and after that burned them; this was verified by two ministers, Mr William Violent and Mr John Oliphant, who had certain information of it.

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Victorian Ghost in a Sixties House

Back in the nineteen eighties when I was still single and in my mid twenties, I had returned home to my parents house with my then girlfriend of the time Mary, and we politely watched TV with my parents till they went off to bed.

Once we had the lounge to ourselves, we settled down on the sofa and dimmed the lights for a little romance before the long walk home in the cold winter night’s air.
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Whoa, dude, are we inside a computer right now?

The Sims (credit: Electronic Arts)

Two years ago, Rich Terrile appeared on Through the Wormhole, the Science Channel’s show about the mysteries of life and the universe. He was invited onto the program to discuss the theory that the human experience can be boiled down to something like an incredibly advanced, metaphysical version of The Sims, Vice reports.

It’s an idea that every college student with a gravity bong and The Matrix on DVD has thought of before, but Rich is a well-regarded scientist, the director of the Center for Evolutionary Computation and Automated Design at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and is currently writing an as-yet-untitled book about the subject, so we’re going to go ahead and take him seriously.

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Ancient Wisdom & Mystery Schools with Peter Canova

Peter Canova, a student of esoteric knowledge for over 30 years, discussed the relationship between ancient wisdom and modern science. He spoke about the ancient mystery schools — a network of spiritual academies such as the Eleusinian school in Greece, the Pythagorean school in Italy, and the Druidic centers in the British Isles. “The purpose of these schools…was to preserve a sacred wisdom concerning the creation,
humanity’s origin, and the true nature of reality,” he noted.

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