Where is the proof?

It’s simply the cry from the sidelines involving those who prefer theories, in-favour of actions or results. It really is very simple to sit in the armchair and proclaim a whole manner of hypothesises, debunking everything in your path without so much as movement, to take action, so as to experience directly. Usually such ways …

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Are We “Normal”

I drive a car that displays Haunted Scotland in the back window, letting people know where to find the website, what I do and how they may contact me, if need be. In conjunction with the knowledge, that many hold, that I research the paranormal and even visit haunted hot-spots, it certainly raises some eyebrows. …

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Paranormal Labelled Boxes

It’s become pretty clear to me, even as I sit reading information with no relation to the paranormal, or the mysteries. Yet, still people are disputing each others viewpoints and using such…..what am I speaking about…..BOXES! People love to place others in boxes, and label them with blanket terms to attempt ridicule or dish out …

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The Tay Bridge Disaster

At approximately 7:15 p.m, on the stormy night of the 28th December 1879, the central navigation spans of the Tay bridge collapsed into the Firth of Tay at Dundee, taking with them a train, 6 carriages and 75 souls to their fate. At the time, a gale estimated at Beaufort force 10/11 was blowing down …

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Does The Spirit-Box Work?

So how does it work, how can a device that is constructed to pick up radio waves, be used to communicate with the afterlife. This is what is ringing within the minds of the public and those involved in paranormal research. You have various camps, with a varying amount of beliefs, with some content to …

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Near-death experiences exposed? Really?

Whether it’s sensationalist headlines, or the new religion of science, these people truly believe they have the mysteries all solved. I will go further and say, they wish everyone to get right back to materialism and fight each other for all manner of items, oil and natural resources. Welcome ladies and gentlemen to planet earth, …

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You’re the key to the paranormal

It’s like the greatest secret, everyone knows about it or has experienced it but they say nothing. That is, until someone plucks up the courage to engage in discussion, on the subject, then everyone wants to open up and reveal the great secret to each other. I am, of course, speaking about experiencing the unexplained …

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Lets start of with a term that I slightly modified to fit into my own perceptions of what a Pseudo-Sceptic actually is. Keeping in mind, I am not speaking of true scepticism and those great flexible minded individuals, who help drive forward real information. Here we talk about:  

Paranormal Lies Told Often Enough…..

It’s such a powerful part of our lives and dictates how you view, feel and sense your reality. It is also bombarded daily by advertisers, authoritative propaganda and some news sources, who pull at you emotionally, so you agree with their stance and the future progression they visualise. How about in the paranormal field though, …

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Echovox at Scottish Castle 2013

Haunted Scotland welcomes you to Doune Castle, situated near the village of Doune, within the Stirling district of Scotland. This is an Echovox session carried out by myself while on location visit. Thank you to my colleague Christopher Huff for analysing the audio and constructing the material.

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