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Unity North Atlanta Panel Discussion: Beyond the Physical Documentary Film

The Path: Beyond the Physical, the second documentary by producer April Hannah and Michael Habernig (the first in this series is entitled The Path: Afterlife), was screened in Atlanta at Unity North Church June 23rd, 2013 to an enthusiastic and diverse audience.…Read More »

Only the open-minded need apply!

There is something that has become evident in my world of paranormal exploration and discovery. Something so fundamentally crucial that it can shape the direction of evidence and personal proof acquired [because you are not getting proof for others I’m afraid] It…Read More »

Dean Radin and Tom Campbell

CAUTION: This interview begins with an Oriental Bong sound which will be difficult on your ears. Turn the sound down at the beginning! This is a two part interview with Dean Radin, Senior Scientist and Researcher at The Institute of Noetic Sciences…Read More »

Tom Campbell: Interviews by Evita Ochel of Evolving Beings

EBTV on http://evolvingbeings.com presents host Evita Ochel with returning guest Tom Campbell of http://my-big-toe.com covering practical applications of MBT – My BIG Theory of Everything. Evolving Beings is a publication to help raise the global consciousness on the planet, help our human…Read More »

Tom Campbell: “Afterlife” Within The Context Of A Big TOE

” I “know” because it works.” When you logically derive a Big TOE (theory of everything) and have tested it out personally such as Tom has, it makes answering even the most esoteric questions possible. In this interview, Tom expands on questions…Read More »