Can We Scientifically Measure The Non-Physical!

I have massive gratitude towards science and the boundaries they push here in the physical realms. As many critics of the paranormal – and heavy supporters of fundamental science practices – have told me over and over, if it were not for science, I would not be sitting on the Internet or enjoying much of my luxuries.

This is true, but lets not lose sight of the real discussions that brings up such claims, how can physical science measure non-physical activity?

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Spirit-Box Series: Huff Paranormal Session

Haunted Scotland looks at the increasingly interesting area of on-site live audio interaction, allegedly communicating with spirits and non-physical energies. This is achieved via a modified fast scanning radio device, prompting manipulation by any alleged spiritual beings.

Scanning at super-speeds but still managing to form coherent sentences or key phrases, can this device provide afterlife communication with our loved ones or lost souls?

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Behaviour In The Paranormal Field

It’s by no means a field of research whereas we stay in the same place using the same techniques or behaviour and expect to hit the holy grail of definite proof and great relationships. To the general public who are a great percentage of the readership here, it will be alien to think that these guys who go out Investigating the paranormal actually encounter problems from their own fellow researchers. The blunt truth of the matter is that egos do run around like in any topic you may pick out the hat, it just happens that the paranormal community has a lot more bad apples and it can be a minefield to swerve.
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The Act of Observing – Does it matter?

I remember the days when everyone in a paranormal Investigation team had a label placed over them. You had the psychic, the sceptic, the historian and equipment guy/girl to name but a few and everyone enjoyed their role within the team. There is absolutely nothing wrong with such set-ups and the methodologies employed to suit the teams strengths and weaknesses, as long as you place your own stamp upon it and not just following TV shows or similar. I always advise that you take ideas and then use what works and also remove what does not work and then create your own style, flexibility is key so moving fluidly with time as new discoveries and better ways of working are unveiled is a must.
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