Edinburgh Vaults Experience

On Saturday 27th August, I entered the Blair Street Vaults with 20 other members on a Mercat all night vigil.

Upon the group vigils, the area seemed calm and even though my 1st photo of the night contained orbs, I kept my mind open to what these could be. We started in the cobblers room, which was pretty calm as was the wine room, but as we moved on into the caretakers room I was drawn to the white room.
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Ghost Fest -Edinburgh Vaults (Archives)

The evening of Monday 16th May marked the start of Ghost fest for our Team, the original Investigation Organisation of Mary Kings Ghost Fest.

The team arrived at the Blair Street Vaults at approximately 18.00, giving plenty of time to set up equipment and prepare for the evening ahead. The mood of the team was one of nervousness and apprehension. This was the first investigation that SP had conducted with members of the public present and it was very much preying on the team members minds.
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Mary Kings Ghost Fest

Mary King’s Ghost Fest is funded and organised by one of Edinburgh’s most popular and important tourist attractions, The Real Mary King’s Close, and is supported by a growing number of organisations across the city.

Mary King lived at the top of one of narrow Closes off the Royal Mile until her death in 1644. The Close, later named after her, was preserved when the City Chambers was constructed over the site in 1853. What remains today is a strange underground time – capsule of small houses and spaces, steeped in mystery and shrouded in dark stories.

Thought to be one of the most haunted places in Scotland, The Real Mary King’s Close has appeared on Living TV’s Most Haunted twice and more recently the Sci-Fi Channel’s Ghost Hunters International. It is therefore fitting that a number of special events take place at this venue throughout the festival.