The Nature Of Reality

Belief May Ruin Echovox & Testing Results

What if those who claim the title of strong sceptical members of society were actually the opposite of such? Perish the thought I hear some cry, whatever do you mean Ryan and where does such outlandish thinking come from. Do I mean they are mystics, believers or even psychics? Well, not really, but what I …

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Tom Campbell: Our Reality Is Information

In this informal interview in Atlanta June 8, 2012, Tom Campbell, author of My Big TOE, expands on the significance of the scientific experiment called the Double Slit in terms everyone can understand. ” If you understand the Double Slit experiment, you understand how our reality works”. He continues ” Everything we do is not …

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Tom Campbell: “Becoming Love”

Love and science do go together as Tom so eloquently demonstrates in his presentation “Becoming Love” to an appreciative audience in Atlanta. Tom was the invited guest of the Unity North spiritual community in Atlanta where he delivered one of his most charismatic presentations of his work from his books My Big TOE to a …

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What is The People’s Voice?

David Vaughan Icke is an English writer, public speaker and former professional footballer, perhaps best known for his views on what he calls “who and what is really controlling the world.” Describing himself as the most controversial speaker in the world, he is the author of 19 books and has attracted a global following that …

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Rupert Sheldrake – The Science Delusion | London Real

Biologist & Writer Dr. Rupert Sheldrake explains how each species of animal has a collective memory, his definition of the Science Delusion, how living in India helped develop his theories, why he particularly enjoys 3-way conversations, and how he’s never met anyone as lively and fun to be with as Terence McKenna.  

Magical Egypt

There is another side of Egypt that is not so widely known. Egypt is also the land of secrets. Another history, a secret history, tells of Egypt as the inheritor of deep wisdom and magical ability from an even earlier culture. It is the account of the Egyptians themselves. This alternate history is echoed by …

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John Hagelin, Ph.D on Consciousness

John Hagelin, Ph.D ON Consciousness & Super-string Unified Field Theory, How is knowledge lost and The Observer In 1987 and 1989, Hagelin published two papers in the Maharishi University of Management’s Journal of Modern Science and Vedic Science on the relationship between physics and consciousness. These papers discuss the Vedic understanding of consciousness as a …

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The Primacy of Consciousness

Peter Russell is a fellow of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, of The World Business Academy and of The Findhorn Foundation, and an Honorary Member of The Club of Budapest. At Cambridge University (UK), he studied mathematics and theoretical physics. Then, as he became increasingly fascinated by the mysteries of the human mind he changed …

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Whoa, dude, are we inside a computer right now?

Two years ago, Rich Terrile appeared on Through the Wormhole, the Science Channel’s show about the mysteries of life and the universe. He was invited onto the program to discuss the theory that the human experience can be boiled down to something like an incredibly advanced, metaphysical version of The Sims, Vice reports. It’s an …

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The One Universal Mind : The True Nature of Reality

99% of people have already connected in some form or another to the One Universal Mind. Watch this video to see if you have. Special Thanks To finerminds for the following upload on Youtube…..  

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