The Key Element of Real Paranormal Activity

Real Paranormal Activity

Real Paranormal ActivityThere’s a fine line walked while sorting through the plethora of material gathered from witnesses and old accounts from times gone by.

Those who work within the paranormal genre, whether this be researchers, Investigators or observer, must ensure they only deal with the facts of each and every case.

But can we go too far and lose out on real paranormal activity and raw experiences?

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Paranormal Research Top Tips!

If there is one thing – I’ve learned – during my time dealing with paranormal activity, it is that experiences had by the general public – or researchers –  might not be captured by the recording equipment.

Actually, to go a step further, we could even be actively Investigating, and not experience anything at all.

Does this mean the place is not haunted or the witnesses have suffered some type of mass hallucination?

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Is James Randi a Pseudo-Sceptic?

Some flock to him as if he is some type of critical-thinking saviour, much in the same way as fundamentalist religious types will swarm around statues, scriptures or the feet of their own likewise saviour.

Can we really class Mr Randi as a true sceptic though?


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Lets start of with a term that I slightly modified to fit into my own perceptions of what a Pseudo-Sceptic actually is.

Keeping in mind, I am not speaking of true scepticism and those great flexible minded individuals, who help drive forward real information. Here we talk about:


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The Paranormal Game or NOT!

I truly feel sorry for the general public at times, if it is not bad enough that they are ridiculed and judged unnecessarily, they are also looked at as a possibility to secure a location, for an egotistical game of one-upmanship by some within the paranormal field. We are talking about people who are scared out their wits with the activity transpiring around them, people at their worst imaginable through fear of the unknown.

Yet, some are hell-bent in using them as pawns, for the latest edition of the real life soap-opera, full of drama that would put Coronation Street to shame at the next awards ceremony.

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The Top 3: Paranormal Investigating Mistakes

I am often asked, what are the three main mistakes made by those Investigating hauntings, especially within people’s homes and locations. Common mistakes made by those either new to the field, still progressing their understanding or those stuck in a rigid belief systems. 

Please understand, I come from an angle of still learning within this field and I regularly consult my peers to push my knowledge forward. When I share information, I only share from my current understanding and this is open to change in the future as more discoveries are made and I evolve in thought.

So what are the three common mistakes employed by Investigators on location?
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Psychic Challenge – Car Boot Challenge

Psychics are challenged to find out if they really do have a sixth sense in the following video. We have one guy who has decided to pick a car from 50 in the area, then hide in the boot. Then each person claiming to be gifted is brought into the area and has the challenge of picking which one he is in.

As you will see, some did not manage to do this successfully, more of interest to me, was the ones who did and the way they managed this. As a researcher and student of all things mysterious, I find this intriguing and feel this just further emphasises my hypothesis that some people are gifted, due to the developing work they have conducted on themselves. Everyone has this, only very few display and work with it.

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Sacred Knowledge: In Plain Sight (Decoded)

This is a documentary on sacred geometry and the hidden meanings encoded within buildings and city layouts. The secret society known as the Freemasons for century’s has used the knowledge of the ancient world to speak to one another through mathematical formulations called sacred geometry. Watch and be astounded as this is de-coded before your eyes, and gain an understanding of this knowledge for yourself!

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Equipment – What Do We Use?

In such a diverse field of research and observation we have the opportunity for vast differences in methodologies. Equipment is an area of personal choice for each researcher, Investigator or field observer and here at Haunted Scotland it’s no different.

The emphasis is placed heavily on environmental monitoring and continuous recording while also taking in-depth notes. We are observers first and foremost and then when the need arises there is more than enough scope for full Investigation and continued research. 

The use of experimental trigger objects to encourage movement while monitoring for any audio that may be heard physically or caught mysteriously on digital format is employed. The term placed on audio captures is Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and in our years of research, some very exciting captures have taken place worldwide.

When trigger objects are set we have the ability to read the surface temperature of said objects. These objects are registered on the base test which includes full data on surface heat. During the observations we can read the objects temperature and note any unnatural fluctuations. We can also call out for any activity to be centred on said objects and monitor any changes.

Another environmental monitoring device is the good old KII Meter which is used to read Electromagnetic energy in a location. A full article could be written on this subject but very briefly, this is used to see if the EM energy is affecting people which may cause hallucinations. The door is not closed on the possibility that spirits may affect these meters (a spirit being energy) so further research, an open mind and case by case evaluation is completed.

The rest of the tools of the trade comprise of photography equipment, DVR devices, hand-held camcorders and a lot of stationary for taking notes and setting up experiments. The equipment is updated when anything becomes available that can enhance the monitoring of a location. Travelling light is preferred so that more time can go into actual observations rather than lengthy set up and break downs which vastly reduce time spent Investigating.

Please check back for any updates, reviews and further suggestions in this section of the website (equipment)

The Act of Observing – Does it matter?

I remember the days when everyone in a paranormal Investigation team had a label placed over them. You had the psychic, the sceptic, the historian and equipment guy/girl to name but a few and everyone enjoyed their role within the team. There is absolutely nothing wrong with such set-ups and the methodologies employed to suit the teams strengths and weaknesses, as long as you place your own stamp upon it and not just following TV shows or similar. I always advise that you take ideas and then use what works and also remove what does not work and then create your own style, flexibility is key so moving fluidly with time as new discoveries and better ways of working are unveiled is a must.
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